India’s state of Goa, located on the country’s western coast, is considered to be one of the India‚Äôs most beautiful places. This place has a lot of attractions that include beaches, golden sands, cultural heritage, spectacular monuments, forts, temples, churches, etc. It also has a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures. Because of its tropical environment, Goa is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Local festivals & celebrations provide opportunities to experience Goa’s rich cultural heritage, including its music, dance, and artistic expressions. Animal enthusiasts can take a trip to one of the state’s wildlife sanctuaries. “Goa never sleeps”. It is something that you must have heard from many people. This phrase proves itself right as 365 days, this place has a lot of tourists who love partying and enjoying in Goa. In addition to its vivacity, the city is celebrated annually with the Goa Carnival event, which brings the entire city to its feet.

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