Hair Dryer Not Working? Possible Fix!

Regardless of your gender, using a hair dryer is the most convenient and fast way to dry up your hair. Not just that, hair dryers are pretty useful to dry hair in the winter seasons. Along with that, if you are conscious about your hairstyle then you must invest in a good quality hair dryer. Another reason to opt for one is that hair dryers are usually quite inexpensive.

And because they are inexpensive, people tend to replace them when there is any problem with their hair dryer. But why replace it with a new one when you can fix the problem and make it work again? Thankfully today’s whole post is solely dedicated to the possible reasons and fixes when your hair dryer is not working. So stay tuned if you want to find out more about it.

Possible Reasons Why Hair Dryer Not Working

There is not a complex mechanism used inside the hair dryer, that’s why when any problem occurs, the problem is mostly with a few components. And the following could be the possible reasons why your hair dryer is not working.

  • Faulty Main Cable
  • Jammed Dryer Fan
  • Heating Element Problem
  • On/Off Switch Problem

Possible Fixes When Hair Dryer Not Working

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Now let’s have a look at the possible fixes or solutions that you should try one by one to find out which one works for you.

1. Faulty Main Cable

Since hair dryers are quite portable, that’s why people end up using them pretty roughly. This can certainly rupture or break the main cable of the hair dryer. To verify that, just open the casing of the hair dryer using the screwdriver, and check the main cable ends using the multimeter or a line tester. If it is the problem with the main cable, then we’d recommend investing in a new hair dryer because in most cases electrical repair shop people don’t replace the main cable of hair dryers.

2. Jammed Dryer Fan

There is a properly functioning fan inside the hair dryer, and when it is turned on, debris, hair, and other things can get stuck inside the dryer. And these things can jam the dryer fan motor, and when you turn it on, only the heating element starts to heat, but the fan doesn’t blow the air. You shouldn’t be running your hair dryer in this case because the heat from the heating element can melt the outer casing pretty easily. Just clean the dryer from the inside, and remove all the debris, and that would work just fine.

3. Heating Element Problem

If there is a disconnect in the heating element of the dryer, then your dryer won’t blow hot air. And to fix this, you’d have to make slight adjustments to the heating element. First of all, open the outer casing of the dryer and pull out the fan motor, and the heating element, then see if there is any broken end. If there is, simply connect it properly, but make sure that it is not in contact with other parts because that could result in a short circuit. This fix should just work fine if the problem is only with the heating element.

4. On/Off Switch Problem

Sometimes it happens when there is nothing wrong with the main wire, and fan motor, but the hair dryer doesn’t turn on when you plug it in. And that could be because the On/Off switch isn’t working properly. Again, open the outer casing of the dryer, and see if there is any wire disconnected in the switch section, if there is, then try to fix it. Otherwise, take it to the nearby electrical repair shop and have it soldered there.

We suggest you try all the fixes one by one so that you can find out where the problem lies and then you can fix it accordingly.

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