Why Cooler Pump is Not Working? Here is a Possible Fix!

Coolers are a cost-effective way to get rid of dry summer heat. The functioning of the cooler is also very simple. A water pump throws water on the honeycomb, and the air circulation fan blows the cold air out of the cooler. Sometimes, the cooler pump may stop working, but it is easy to fix it. We have shared some pointers below that you can follow to fix the cooler pump.

Cooler Pump is Not Working

1. Power Supply

The first thing to check is if the power supply is available to the water pump. The fan may have an electric supply, but there is a connection breakage between the supply and the pump. You must rectify the supply in that case, which will help ensure the pump works. While checking the power supply, you must also check the switch on the cooler assembly. There is a dedicated switch to disconnect the pump and only run the fan. Ensure that the switch is on.

2. Water Supply

Many people also fail to notice that the water levels on the cooler are low. In such a case, the pump may work, but without any water, it will not be able to pump the water on the pads. This can be dangerous as it can damage the motor because of the heat generated. You can resolve this by refilling the motor. Always ensure that the pump is not running dry, or you may end up damaging the pump. The warranty will not be honoured in such a case.

3. Lubricate

When the cooler hasn’t been in use for a long time, the pump motor may have developed rusting. The parts are mostly under the water. In such a case, you can start by lubricating the pump. You can use machine oil, or you can use something like WD-40. This is the best way to remove the rust and get the pump into working condition again. We also recommend checking the maintenance instructions for the pump.

4. Water Tubes

If none of these points is helping, then you can try checking the water tube. Ensure that the linkage is proper and the water tubes are not getting blocked. Apart from this, you must also check for debris in the pump or the water pipes. The debris can obstruct the flow of the water, which means that the water pump cannot work efficiently. This may not cause a total pump failure, but it may reduce the pump’s output.

5. Float Switch

Some coolers are equipped with a float switch. The float switch is present as a fail-safe mechanism. This float switch will automatically disconnect the motor if the water level is below a certain threshold. It helps you ensure that the motor is not running dry and it is not failing. In some cases, there is an issue with the float switch, and it doesn’t enable the pump again after you have refilled the water. In such a case, you can disconnect the float switch and check if the pump is working. If it is, then your float switch needs to be replaced.

6. Pump Failure

The last resort that you have is to replace the pump. If none of the steps above worked, we could assure you that you have a pump failure. In such a case, you can buy a new pump and replace it. You can check with some of the repair shops if the pump can be repaired, which is possible in certain cases. Repairing the pump is cheaper than replacing the pump.


These are some of the possible fixes for the cooler pump issues. You can try them in the order that we have listed. The last resort is changing the cooler pump. These pumps are inexpensive, and it is relatively easy to fix the cooler. Most of the cooler repairs are DIYs. So you would not need an electrician to fix the cooler. Please note that you must turn off the electric supply while carrying out the repairs. Not turning off the electric supply could mean a potential risk of electric shock or your fingers getting trapped between the moving parts.

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