Top 7 Highest Palm Oil Producing States in India

Palm oil is a perennial crop that is being cultivated in India. On the other hand, palm oil is an edible oil that is cultivated in various parts of India. It is extracted and comes from the fruit of oil palm trees. The scientific name of this oil is Elaeis guineenis. It will be great to know that palm oil is found or available in two types. One is the crude palm oil that is extracted and comes by crushing the or squeezing the fleshy fruit. On the other hand, the other one is palm kernel oil. This is extracted by crushing the kernel or the stone that is found in the middle of the fruit. This tree is a native of Africa that came to India for 100 years back. Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia supplies about a good percentage of palm oil to other countries of the world.

However, India is also in the list that also produces good amount of palm oil.  It also exports the palm oil to other countries of the world. You will get many southern states that are engaged with the task of producing palm oil for the country. The demand of palm oil is found in almost every food and other items.

List of Highest palm oil producing states in India

Palm Oil Producing
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In this part, you will come across some of the states that produces highest amount of palm oil in India. It is great to see and learn about the palm oil cultivation. Even India is planning to increase the production so it can export the product to other countries and increase the revenue. To do this, they are taking a number of initiatives and trying to implement it in the best possible manner. Let us try to explore it as much as possible.

1. Andhra Pradesh

It is found that this state produces a good amount of palm oil in the country. It has huge lands that is engaged with the cultivation of palm oil. You will get many farmers who are now engaged with the task of palm oil production. In Andhra Pradesh palm oil farming is founding to be the most lucrative one. It can yield a better profit at the same time. It is estimated that Andhra Pradesh exports a good amount of palm oil to other countries of the world.

2. Goa

The next state in the list that produces good amount of palm oil is Goa.  To regulate the smooth cultivation of palm oil farming the Goa Government has taken all the initiatives. It is also encouraging the farmers in the production of palm oil. You will get to see vast areas of land that are used for palm oil cultivation.  Every year a high-amount of palm oil is exported from this state to other places.

3. Karnataka

It is estimated that about 23,000 farmers are engaged in the palm oil cultivation. There are many districts in Karnataka that are carrying out this cultivation work. Presently Karnataka is producing about 13,000 tonnes of fresh fruit brunches. Afterwards these brunches are crushed to prepare crude palm oil They produce about 2, 240 tonnes of crude palm oil. It is found that Dakshina Kannada farmers only produce a good amount of palm oil. They also earn a good amount of revenue through this cultivation of palm oil. The state holds third position in palm oil cultivation.

4. Kerala

The next state that comes in the line of palm oil cultivation is Kerala. At present you can find palm oil cultivation is places like Yeroor, Chithara in the Kollam District. The state hold and secures the fourth position in palm oil cultivation. You can also get good cultivation of palm oil in the Thrissur district. Every year Kerala consumes about 2.5 lakh tonnes of palm oil and produces about 30,000 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches. Kerala is the only state that always has a great and large areas of palm oil cultivation. This is good about the state.

5. Mizoram

You must have heard that Mizoram is the next state that holds a better position in palm oil cultivation. It is found that about 78% of palm oil in India comes from this north east part. If you visit the place, you will get that there are large fields that are engaged in palm oil cultivation. Most of the farmers produce this crop and earn their livelihood. Palm oil cultivation in this state started after 2005 after Mizoram Legislative Assembly bill was passed. Even the central Government has passed various acts that will help in the better cultivation of palm oil.

6. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the next state in the line that produces palm oil in India. Although the progress of cultivation is low but still every effort is being taken to improve the cultivation in this state. For the betterment of production, new technology and various other skills have been introduced so that it can also help in large and good production of palm oil. The state is also trying to engage good number of farmers in this cultivation. It will also contribute in the cultivation of palm oil production. It is expected that with this, there will be good growth in the palm oil production. It will boost its productivity level.

7. Telangana

Telangana contributes and have about 61000 acres of land in palm oil cultivation. You will get large fields that are spread in districts like Khammam, Bhadradri, and areas of Suryapet. The farmers and most of the workers prefer to take it as their profession. They can also earn a good revenue and amount out of this cultivation. Not only this, you will get many companies that are associated with the work of better production of palm oil. Out of this, Ruchi Soya industries, Godrej Agrovet are the primary ones. There are four districts in Telangana that are engaged with the production of palm oil. These are the states that produces high amount of palm oil in India.



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