How is Indian youth spending time online to earn money during Covid-19?

Covid-19 has been unforgiving as it has affected almost all sectors of society, including the elderly and the youth. It has been around for over a year now and up until now there is no definite timeframe when the pandemic is going to end. Many plans are put on hold as the world transitioned into lockdown mode. It is good that online platforms have provided many income opportunities for people of all age groups. The youth is undeniably the sector of the society that is into online stuff, and during this time of the pandemic, they turned online for entertainment and additional income.

Below are the different ways Indian youth make money online:

YouTube videos – Making videos is one of the expertise of the youth, and they can make money from it if they upload in video sharing apps like YouTube. Choose a niche you are interested in, create a video, upload it on YouTube. The more views and likes, the higher the chances of your account being monetized. It could be any niches of your interest such as cooking, baking, product reviews, day-to-day life, singing, and the list goes on.

Transcriptionist – If you have the good listening skill and a fast typing speed, you can become a transcriptionist. Your job is to convert speech into text. There are many industries needing transcriptionists, such as the medical sector, legal, and businesses. The ones in the medical sector, also called medical transcriptionist, pay higher because you need to be a medical professional or have a background in the medical field to understand medical jargon.

Social Media Strategist – From the name itself, a social media strategist is the one that creates a social media strategy for a certain company to strengthen the company’s online presence. If you are proactive on various social media platforms, you could be a great social media strategies. It offers a high salary, especially if you have multiple clients from established names.

Video Editor – If you are well-versed in editing videos, especially in using video editing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, KineMaster, and Final Cut Pro, you can be a video editor. Many people, especially the youth, are making a decent amount of money by editing videos right in the comfort of their home. In this time of the pandemic, it makes a perfect income-generating tool.

Playing online games – don’t you know that you can make a substantial amount of money by being an online gamer? Many online games pay you real cash. Some organizations will hire you to play on their behalf, and you could win a huge amount of money if you ace the game. Aside from online games, there are also online gambling sites where the youth of legal age can freely participate. These online gambling sites are legit and pay real cash. There are always new websites you can regularly check to keep yourself updated about the latest income-generating opportunities online. Feel free to check these websites as they can certainly help you get through difficult times, especially in this time of the pandemic.