How To Change Registered Mobile Number In Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card is one of the most important documents for every Indian citizen. Everyone will be given a UID or Unique Identification number. You can use it as identity proof, address proof, date of birth proof, and in many other ways. Also, the Indian government has made it mandatory to link your aadhar card with many other important documents like your bank accounts, PAN, and many others. So, having an Aadhar card and linking it to other documents are has become mandatory.

As this is one of the most important documents, you will have to make sure that every detail on your aadhar card is correct. Any discrepancy will not be accepted when you provide it as proof anywhere. Your date of birth, name, and address, all the details should be updated from time to time, if there are any changes to it. To do that, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, whenever you are trying to make any changes to it. Without proper OTP, you will not be able to change any details. The OTP is sent to the mobile number that you have registered while you enrolled for the aadhar card.


If there are any changes in the latest mobile number, you will have to get it updated immediately, else it can be a very big problem for making any changes to the aadhar details. So, if you have changed your mobile number or lost the old mobile, then make sure that you update it immediately.

Aadhar Card

There is a specific procedure that you need to follow when trying to change the registered mobile number in the aadhar card. You will not be able to change the details by yourself. So, here is the procedure to make the changes:

  • You should first make an appointment for updating the mobile number in the aadhar card.
  • After making an appointment, you should visit the nearest aadhar center or enrolment center.
  • There is a form for updating or changing the mobile number in the aadhar card. You need to fill the applications.
  • Make sure that you are filling in the new and correct mobile number in the application.
  • There will be an executive available at the aadhar enrolment center and you need to apply to them.
  • You will be asked to authenticate your biometric details before the required changes are made at the aadhar enrolment center.
  • They will not ask for any other details or documents for authentication if you have your aadhar card and provide biometric details.
  • You need to make a payment of Rs 50 for making the required changes to your aadhar details.

Once you are done with the updation or changes to the registered mobile number, you will be provided URN or Update Request Number. You will have to keep this number safe for any further verification. You can check the changes after a few days at the UIDAI official website: Once the update is done, you will receive an update on your updated mobile number as well.

After the update of the mobile number, you need not have to get another copy or a new aadhar card. As the mobile number details will not be visible on the aadhar card, it is not important to get a new card. Mobile number updation will be useful when you wish to make any changes to the details on the aadhar card. Isn’t the process simple? You can do it in just a few hours if you have an appointment booked at the aadhar enrolment center. So, update your mobile number in your aadhar card now if you have changed it recently.