How To Choose A Mixer Grinder?

A mixer grinder is a must-have appliance in any Indian kitchen. From grinding idli batter to making ginger garlic paste, it is a versatile appliance that makes much of our chores easier. But with a wide variety of mixer grinders available in the market, it may be pretty difficult to figure out the ideal one for your needs. So here, we explain the important aspects to consider when choosing a mixer grinder for your kitchen.


The most important aspect that you need to consider while choosing a mixer grinder is the power. The best mixer grinders have at least a 750-watt motor. It is necessary if you need to grind idli batter and spices on a regular basis. Also, 750-watt motors have a better construction quality. They are made of better quality steel and parts. Now, if you don’t indulge in heavy-duty grinding on a regular basis, you could opt for a 500-watt mixer grinder.  A 900 or 1000 watt mixer grinder grinds even hard ingredients in no time. They are quite durable too.

Type of Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder

Depending on your needs, you can choose to get a regular mixer grinder, a juicer mixer grinder or a food processor. Most juicer mixer grinders however don’t have a strong motor that can do heavy-duty grinding. A food processor on the other hand is a helpful appliance that helps chop, dice, mince and grate vegetables, fruits and meat. You can also knead atta. They come with a high power motor that helps grind quickly.


Ideally, your mixer grinder should have 3 jars. A small chutney jar for grinding chutney and small quantity of ingredients for masala, a dry grinding jar for grinding spices or larger quantities of masala and a wet grinding jar for grinding idli batter and also making smoothies and milkshakes. In addition, you can opt for mixer grinders with a juicer jar for making juices too.


Mixer grinders should have basic safety features like an overload protection switch that triggers when the motor gets overheated. It cuts power and stops the mixer grinder from working. Only once the motor cools down and you reduce the load in the jar will it restart. Another must-have feature is the shockproof ABS body. In addition, they should have vacuum suction feet and strong, thick power cords also.


Unfortunately, most mixer grinders are noisy, making 80-90 dB noise. Though many brands claim to be less noisy, they don’t generally meet user expectations.


Mixer grinders are available at a wide price range starting from Rs. 1000 till about Rs. 25000. Cheaper ones come with a 500-watt motor and don’t really last long. Ideally, spend about Rs. 4-6K for a decent mixer grinder with a powerful motor and good construction quality.


Most mixer grinders that priced at over Rs. 3000 come with 2-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty. During this period, you needn’t pay for parts or services provided it is a manufacturing defect and not a problem due to usage. Unfortunately, not every brand has a good after sales service record. So, do check online to see if there are after sales service centres nearby and also to see how their service quality is.

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