How to Write an Application for a Bank Statement

Banking has been changed a lot because of the technology that is involved in banking today. You do not have to refer to the passbooks anymore for the details of transactions. All you need to do is that you need to go online and you need to check the details of the transaction that you are looking for.

This is even true for statements for the bank account. You can simply go to the net banking portal of your account, login to the account and get the statement for the date range that you like. This statement can help you in filling the Income Tax Return and it can help you with other things as well.

Statements can also be used as a proof of address and this is the time when online statement might not be enough because of the fact that online statements don’t have a stamp on it. In such a case you need to get the physical statement from the bank and to get the statement you need to write a request letter.

Let us first look at the other ways in which you can use the bank statement and then we will share the sample of the application that you need to write to get the bank statement.

Uses of Bank Statement

  • As mentioned earlier, the bank statement can be used as address proof since the bank statement has the details of the account holder and the address of the account holder.
  • The bank statement can also be used for the purpose of application of loan and it is one of the mandatory document when you are applying for the loan. You usually need the statement of last 6 months.
  • You also need the bank statement while you are applying for Visa for some of the country. This acts as a proof of finances when you apply for the Visa.
  • Apart from the uses mentioned above, there can be many others and it depends on you basically about how you use the bank statement

There are certain things that you need to take care of while you are taking the bank statement. These things are listed below

Points to Note While Obtaining Bank Statement

  • Verify the account number and the account details to ensure that they reflect correctly on your account statement.
  • Check out for the date of the transaction and ensure that you have the statement for the dates which you needed.
  • Ensure that the bank official has signed the statement and they have also stamped the statement.

Enough of information about the bank statement. Let us now look at the sample of the application that you need to write in order to get the bank statement from your bank. Just replace the text in bold with the desired information


The Branch Manager

ABC Bank,
Andheri East,

25 April 2019


Subject: Account Statement for Account Number 999111223999229 from 01/01/2019 to 31/03/2019

I Abhay Sharma with account number 999111223999229 in your bank would like to request you to issue me a copy of my bank statement for the account number stated above. The details of the period for which I need the account statement are listed below.

Account Number – 999111223999229
Date Range – 01/01/2019
to 31/03/2019

Request you to please issue me the account statement and I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You

Yours truly

Abhay Sharma

(Contact Number)


This was a simple and short format for the application that you need to write to get a bank statement. There are some banks which might charge you for the bank statement so you can check this before. It won’t be an issue for the current account but getting a statement for the saving account may be chargeable.

For any other information about the bank statement, you can check out with the bank executive or you can even reach out to their phone banking and you will get the updated and the correct information about the bank statement. Remember to verify the account statement as per the criteria listed above and you can even get is Xeroxed for future use.


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