10+ Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Name in India

When it’s warm outside, all you want is a big bowl of ice cream. Having a cold drink, swimming in a pool or the open ocean, or even just relaxing indoors with the air conditioning on can help, however there are various other ways to avoid the heat or enjoy a summer day as well.

Ice cream, however, is universally favored by people of all ages when it comes to relieving physical and mental stress. These come in a wide variety of flavor combinations and shapes, such as ice lollies, ice scoops, ice cream cups, and so on.

Indians have a sweet tooth, and they indulge in ice cream in the same manner they do other treats.

List of Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours in India

Licking & biting those enticing delicious ice cream could relax your senses if water alone isn’t enough to battle the heat. Let’s dive in and learn about some delicious ice cream flavors you may find this summer.

1. Vanilla Flavor


It makes natural to kick off the list with this vanilla ice cream, as it is by far the most popular flavor in the world. It may not be the most alluring taste, but it’s among the most tasty and adaptable.

Vanilla ice cream, which is made with real vanilla beans, is a popular choice for presenting desserts a la mode, but it’s also great on its own. We’ve found that vanilla ice cream enhances the flavor of several sweets, including apple pie, brownie, turon, & pisang goreng.

2. Chocolate flavor

There is no way to make a comprehensive list of the top ice cream flavors in the world without include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

While vanilla ice cream reigns supreme, chocolate was really the first flavor to be commercially produced. There’s a good chance it was the very first flavor of ice cream ever made. In the seventeenth century in Europe, the earliest frozen sweets were made from beverages including hot chocolate, coffee, & tea.

Cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla are the traditional ingredients in chocolate ice cream. While we agree that all chocolate ice creams are delicious, our favorites are those prepared with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate’s decadent flavor and lingering bitterness are irresistible.

3. Strawberry flavor

The addition of strawberry completes the triad of classic, uncomplicated, and scrumptious ice cream flavors. Strawberry flavoring can be used, but fresh strawberries mixed with eggs, cream, sweetener, and vanilla make the tastiest versions.

4. Chocolate Chip

Vanilla ice cream is the base for chocolate chip ice cream, which is then flavored with chocolate chips.

Vanilla ice cream, as tasty as it is, can get dull after a while, but the addition of chocolate chips adds texture and jolts of chocolate flavor.

5. Blueberry flavor

During the summer, those blue-purple berries might be a delicious addition to ice cream. In the same vein as many other fruit flavors commonly found in ice creams, they are both wholesome and delightful.

6. Mango flavor

This mango ice cream is ideal for cooling off in the tropics. Mango, with its distinctively sweet fruity flavor, is a favourite ice cream flavor of all.

7. Banana Flavor

You may be startled to learn that there is such a thing as banana ice cream if you haven’t had it before.

If you’re looking for a nutritious drink, you don’t have to limit yourself to simply a banana milkshake. On the other hand, picture a banana-flavored ice cream that surpasses even that.

8. Butter Pecan

To make butter pecan ice cream, vanilla ice cream is the base, and then toasted pecans, butter, plus vanilla extract are folded in. It’s smooth and creamy because to the combination of butter and rich ingredients.

9. Butterscotch flavor

When it comes to ice cream, the butterscotch flavor is one of the most beloved all around the world, including in India.

Butterscotch, a delectable dessert made from sugar and butter originates in India. The sweet, buttery flavor of this butterscotch ice cream is irresistible.

10. Kulfi Flavor

There’s no denying that ice cream with a kulfi flavor is quite popular in India. Kulfi, a popular frozen dairy dish, can be eaten as a snack or dessert in a variety of forms. Like the well-known “Kulfi Falooda,” its ice cream is delicious. If you live in a city where Kulfi-flavored ice cream is hard to come by, you should seek out the Kulfi House shop.

11. Anjeer Badam

Anjeer Badam is a nutty ice cream flavor which is made with dry fruits and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. In India, almond figs (known as “Anjeer Badam”) are a common ingredient in milkshakes and are also a favorite dry fruit.

12. Tutti Fruuti

This is the ice cream flavor for you if you’ve ever fantasised about piling on a bunch of different fruits on top of your usual tub of vanilla.

Tutti Frutti is the name for a flavor of ice cream that contains a delicate and fluffy dessert made from candied fruits. Banana, , apple,  papaya,  strawberry,  apricot , raisin, , etc. are just some of the tropical fruits that fill this sweet treat, which is drenched in sugar, cream, or milk.

13. Cassata flavor

Although cassata ice cream originates in Italy, it has found widespread popularity in India. The ice cream takes its name from the traditional Italian dessert, cassata.

This ice cream has milk, cashew nuts, chocolate, vanilla, pasta, and orange as its ingredients. If you’re a fan of cake and ice cream together, then you’ll love this ice cream.

14. Passion fruit flavor

Don’t forget to try this passion fruit ice cream, another fan favorite.

Including the pulp and seeds of tropical fruit in the ice cream recipe is a brilliant idea for a refreshing summertime dessert.

15. Pan flavor

It’s possible that this unusual ice cream flavor isn’t widely known in India. But if you like ice cream or pans, you should know that this is the real deal and you should try it.

Pan, or betel leaf as it’s more commonly called in the nation, is the primary flavoring element in this frozen treat. Cardamom & fennel seeds are added to boost the flavor.


For an amazing ice cream treat this summer, try blending any of the aforementioned flavors with your favorite ice cream and enjoy their taste and sweetness.

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