Why Indian Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

UPI was introduced in India in April 2016, and since then, it has transformed the payment scenario. Earlier, it was a lot of trouble to transfer the money directly into the account, but today, it doesn’t take more than 20 seconds to transfer the payment to someone. Conveniently, many households have reduced their dependency on cash and prefer UPI payments instead. Today, large businesses, retail chains, saloons, grocery shops, and even vegetable vendors accept UPI payments. This has also eliminated the need of looking for change for paying.

Indian Bank also enabled UPI for its customers soon after it was launched. The immediate effect was noticed as people had to visit ATMs fewer times, and they also found it easy to adapt to the digital infrastructure. We are sure that if the UPI is not working, you may feel disabled because of high dependency on the payment network today. If your Indian Bank UPI is not working, we can help you.

Indian Bank UPI Not Working

Indian Bank UPI Is Not Working

You can scroll through the sections below to troubleshoot and fix your UPI.

1. Transaction Limit

One common thing that we often overlook is a transaction limit associated with the UPI transactions. If you are transferring money to an individual, then the daily limit is Rs 1 Lakh, and if you are paying to a merchant, the limit is Rs 2 Lakh. If you just installed the UPI app or registered for the first time, then the limit may be capped to a much lower amount for 24 hours. This is also the same case when you change your SIM. All these steps are taken to avoid cyber fraud so ensure that none of this is a case for you.

2. Bank Server Unavailable

The next thing why most of us experience a failure while using Indian Bank UPI is the bank server being unavailable. Now, there is nothing much you can do if the Indian Bank servers are not responding, and all you can do in this case is wait for the servers to be back online and then initiate the payment.

3. Insufficient Balance

This is yet another overlooked aspect, but there is the possibility that you don’t have enough balance in the account because of which the payment is failing. In the case of multiple accounts, you might have selected the bank account which doesn’t have enough balance. To verify the same before moving on to the next step to troubleshoot the Indian Bank UPI.

4. Issues with QR Code or Payee Information

Sometimes, you might not be able to scan the QR code, or you may not find the person using the mobile number. In such a case, the best thing to do is to reconfirm the details. If you cannot scan the QR code, then you can try using the mobile number, or if you are not able to find the person using the mobile number, you can use the UPI ID to make the payment.

5. Updating the Application

If you haven’t updated the UPI application for a while, then it is time to update your application. This can be a potential issue because of the security patches or the unsupported versions. Addressing this simple thing may solve your problem.

6. Debit Freeze on Account

If you make a lot of UPI transactions from the savings account, then there are times when the bank may put a debit freeze on your account. They may do it to avoid money laundering, and you should check the same with the bank branch. If there is a debit freeze, you would have to submit an application explaining a high number of transactions before the bank removes the debit freeze and before using the Indian Bank UPI again.

7. Reaching Out to Support Team

If none of the tricks and tips listed above worked for you, it is now the time to contact the bank’s customer service to see why the UPI transactions are failing. The customer care number for Indian Bank is 1800 4250 0000, and they are reachable round the clock.

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