The Union Territories of India, Jammu & Kashmir is located in the northern part of India and is a favourite tourist destination globally. Apart from traditional frivolous tourism, there exists a vast scope for health sightseeing, adventure, pilgrimage, and devout.

The breathtaking sceneries and snowy mountains attract thousands of tourists around the world. Being agro-climate circumstances, J&K is ideal for both floriculture and horticulture. Jammu is also a paradise for foodies, as it offers many delicious dishes. The region is also famous for its unique food culture, which is very famous all over India. Let’s discuss some more traditional cuisine you must try when visiting J&K.

List of Traditional Food of Jammu and Kashmir that surely uplift your taste buds:

Jammu is popular for its Dogra cuisine, as well as for rajma chawl being a local crop. Keep reading to know other popular yet traditional dishes of Jammu.

1. Khatta Meat

Khatta Meat

It is the favourite staple of the Dogri community. Khatta, as the name implies, refers to the different sour taste that this dish consists of due to the availability of dry mango powder sprinkled in it. This mouth-watering dish is a perfect mix of sour and spicy, giving it a unique flavour. This step-by-step easy-to-make khatta meat recipe is normally served with roti or rice. Some people cooked mutton in sour pomegranate seeds and flavoured it with mustard-oil-soaked charcoal smoke.

2. Kaladi Kulcha

Kaladi Kulcha is another traditional yet lip-smacking dish of Jammu, prepared with a sour cheese. This type of cheese is only available in this state. Since this dish is available only in Jammu, you must not miss tasting Kaladi Kulcha while visiting the city. Like the popular Vada Pav in Mumbai, Kaladi Kulcha is popular street food in Jammu.

3. Kulthein Dal

A recipe from Jammu culture, Kulthin Dal is rich in protein and cooked in a Kashmiri way. This dish can be served with roti in any meal. This is a super nutritious dal with typical Indian spices that can go crazy in a jiffy. The pressure cooker-based recipe is tempered with a mixture of asafoetida, cumin, rice flour, and ginger-garlic. Traditional dishes with the highest protein content are easy to prepare and healthy, keeping you energized throughout the day while maintaining weight.

4. Khameera

A delicacy from the Jammu region, Khameera is a special recipe usually served as a tastier breakfast. The traditional recipe from Jammu is prepared with a sourdough, which is a staple used in every Jammu household. It can be served either with sabzi or eaten individually.

5. Mitha Bhat

Mitha Bhat is a traditional dish prepared with special rice available in the hills. The flavours come from the only particular rice used, and this recipe is simple to make. The rice used in Bhat has a dusky complexion and is broken like brown rice.

6. Sund Panjeeri

Sund Panjiri, better known as Sund Panjeeri, is typically served in North India. It is a nutritional ingredient made from sugar, whole wheat flour, desi ghee, and quality dry fruit. The delicious dessert is especially eaten in winter in the Jammu and Kashmir to fight against the cold. Due to authentic and mythological food, this sweet is meant to rule in different parts of the country.

7. Chocolate Barfi

This khoya-based dessert is easy to prepare with cocoa powder and mawa. This dish has prepared during celebrations, auspicious occasions or feasts. Chocolate barfi is a two-layered barfi, with the bottom layer being plain khoya barfi while the top layer is Kuka flavoured chocolate barfi. This sweet is easily available at every sweet shop in Jammu.

8. Kachalu

Kachalu is the most popular and most liked traditional food of Jammu. Speaking of ingredients used to prepare Kachalu, the key ingredients are lemon juice, potatoes, tamarind pulp, and a few spices to uplift the flavour.  Kachalu is served as a chaat dish. The mix of tanginess and pungency shows the people of Jammu love spicy dishes.

9. Rajma and Chawal

Rajma Chawal is not only meat for being the traditional food of Jammu but is also loved by people all over the country. It is usually cooked into a puree prepared using tomatoes and zucchini, which act as a sauce for red beans. Usually a traditional dish, Rajma Chawal contains a variety of spices. It can be served at any meal time.

10. Patisa

Patisa, popularly known as soan papdi, which is sweet, crunchy and flaky, is a mouth-watering dessert prepared using gram flour, sugar, ghee and dry fruits.

Wrap Up!

Being a popular hub for its temples and exquisite scenery, lush green surroundings, and gardens, Jammu is perfect for devotees, while Kashmir is for love birds, adventurers and photographers, and wedding couples, respectively. While exploring the temples and streets of Jammu, all this food is a must-try.

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