How to Join Merchant Navy After 10th & 12th Guide for Everyone

The vast expanse of the sea beckons those with a spirit of adventure and a love for the maritime world. Suppose you’re eyeing a career in the Merchant Navy. In that case, this guide will help you understand how to join merchant navy after 10th, whether considering it after completing your 10th, 12th or pursuing higher education.

Understanding the Basics

Merchant Navy Overview:

  • The Merchant Navy primarily involves transporting goods and people via the sea.
  • It includes cargo ships, tankers, container ships, and passenger ships.

Joining the Merchant Navy After the 10th


  • If you’re considering joining the Merchant Navy after the 10th, options like GP (General Purpose) Rating and NCV (Near Coastal Voyage) Cadet are available.

GP Rating Course:

  • Enroll in a GP Rating course after completing your 10th.
  • The course typically includes classroom training and sea training.
  • Once you complete the training, you can join as a Trainee Ordinary Seaman at the beginning.

Joining the Merchant Navy After the 12th


  • After completing your 12th, you can explore various avenues in the Merchant Navy.

Deck Cadet Course:

  • Pursue a Deck Cadet course to start your career as a navigation officer, which involves theoretical and practical training.
  • After completion, you’ll be eligible for the role of a Deck Cadet on the navy vessels.

Engine Cadet Course:

  • If you are interested in the technical aspect of a ship, then you must opt for an Engine Cadet course.
  • This course combines theoretical and practical training, and successful completion opens doors to the role of an Engine Cadet.

Joining Merchant Navy After B.Tech


  • If you have a B.Tech degree, you can join the Merchant Navy as an Engineer.

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME):

  • Enroll in a Graduate Marine Engineering course designed for engineering graduates who want to pursue a career as a Marine Engineer.
  • Completing GME makes you eligible for the role of a Trainee Marine Engineer.

Joining Merchant Navy After 12th Commerce


  • Commerce students can also find opportunities in the Merchant Navy.

Diploma in Nautical Science:

  • Pursue a Diploma in Nautical Science after 12th Commerce, preparing you for roles like Deck Officer.
  • Upon successful completion, you can join as a Trainee Navigating Officer.

Joining Merchant Navy After 12th Arts


  • Even students from the Arts stream can explore options in the Merchant Navy.

Pre-Sea Training for Deck Cadets:

  • Consider Pre-Sea Training for Deck Cadets after 12th arts, which provides navigation training and prepares you for the role of a Deck Cadet.

Application Process

Entrance Exams:

  • Prepare for relevant entrance exams based on the course you’re interested in.
  • Common entrance exams include IMU-CET (Indian Maritime University – Common Entrance Test).

Apply to Institutes:

  • Apply to maritime institutes for the course of your choice
  • Check you meet the eligibility criteria and upload the required documents.

Physical and Medical Fitness

Fitness Standards:

  • The Merchant Navy requires candidates to meet specific physical and medical standards.
  • Ensure you undergo a thorough medical examination to verify your fitness for sea service.

Sea Training and Onboard Experience

  • Upon successful completion of your course, you’ll undergo sea training.
  • This practical experience is crucial for applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Certification and Rank Advancement

  • Obtain the required certificates and endorsements as per the regulations.
  • This includes certifications for various ranks, such as Deck Officer or Marine Engineer.

Specialize as per Interest:

  • You can specialize in navigation, marine engineering, or maritime law, depending on your interests.
  • Continuous learning and specialization enhance career prospects.


If you are planning to start your career in the Merchant navy, hopefully, you got answers to your questions on how to join merchant navy after 12th Commerce.

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