Top 10 Largest Sugarcane Producing States In India

India’s economy is primarily based on agriculture. An overwhelming proportion of Indian population engages in agriculture as their primary source of income. More over 60% of India’s land area is devoted to agricultural use.

Amongst the most widely grown crops in India, sugarcane is cultivated on 5 million +  acres of land. In 2022, the world will produce more than 360 million tonnes of sugarcane, with an average yield of more than 75,000 kg per hectare.

When it comes to planting sugarcane, India’s climate is ideal year-round. Most of India’s states rely on rain for survival. Unfortunately, this year’s rainfall has fallen far short of expectations. This may have an impact on sugarcane yield.

Sugаrсаnе is a versatile crop with several uses. All of the sugarcane is used. Cane is mostly used for sugar production. The base for a stimulating beverage can also be found in saline solutions. Except for Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and Northern The sugarcane is produced in some quantity by all of the eastern states.

Leading Sugarcane Producing States in India


1. Uttarakhand

Uttrakhand was a province of Uttar Pradesh at one time. The southern part, including Dehradun & Udham Singh Nagar, termed as the major districts for sugarcane production. Total cultivated land in this state is 1.22 million acres. The state of Uttarakhand in northern India ranks tenth on the list with a total output of 6.40 million tonnes.

2. Punjab

Punjab has the most fertile land in the south, right up there with Uttar Pradesh. Punjab has a lot of sugarcane fields too as being known for making wheat and mustard. With many popular rivers like the Sutlej running through Punjab all over, there is plenty of water for the water-loving lantana. With more than ninty thousand hectares of land for cultivation, the regions of Jalandhar, Patiala, Sangrur, Ludhiana, and Amritsar are the main areas where sugarcane is grown. With a yield of 6.6 million tons, Punjab is also a leadings sugarcane state of India.

3. Haryana

Punjab & Haryana are essentially two states. Actually, they have  the same capital as well. The main sugarcane producing regions are the districts of Rohtak, Sonepat, Sarnal, Gurgaon, Faridabad which all border Uttar Pradesh. These districts have more than 1.3 lakh hectare that are cultivated. The reason Haryana is ranked on this list is due to its 9.3 million tons of total production.

One might say that its overall area is little. However, the sparse land in these regions is the most conducive to the planting of sugarcane.

4. Gujarat

Gujarat is a popular industrial state, more than fifty percent of Gujarat is made up of Rann of Kutch. Despite this, Gujarat has about 3% of the sugar produced in India. The Gujarat southern districts, like Bharuch, Surat, Navsari, Valsad, etc. have the majority of the state’s sugarcane production. The Western districts like Junagadh and Bhavnagar are also the principal sugarcane producing regions.

Gujarat has about 1.8 acres of sugarcane plantation. With an output of approximately 9.5 million tons, Gujarat ranks seventh in India in terms of sugarcane production.

5. Bihar

Bihar is a well-known flood-prone state where the river usually overflows its banks. This renders the Bihar plan extremely frail. Sugarcane is the majority cash crop of Join in with the major contributions coming from the Champaran, Gaya, Darbhanga, and Patna regions.

Bihar ranks in this list with a overall area of 2.6 lakh hectare for plantation of sugarcane and a complete output of 12.2 million tons. Bihar has a significant number of sugarcane & Jaggery factors that are widespread throughout the state.

6. Andhra Pradesh

The state’s division into Telangana & Seemandhara happened recently. But for the purpose of producing sugarcane, we shall treat it a single unit. Andhra Pradesh is known for its black alluvial oil, ideal for sugarcane growth. The state of Andhra Pradesh is also good for it. It includes rivers like Godavari and Krishna flowing through it. Since then, water has never been an issue for in its sugar belt in Godavari and Krishna districts.

 Andhra Pradesh manages to remain in this elevated list with a rough output of 14.9 million tons.

7. Karnataka

Karnataka is also on the list. The rivers Cauvery and Krishna flow through the state of Karnataka. Some of the substantial regulation projects on this Cauvery River states that Karnataka is having access good share of water than it should have.

This water is good for the large-scale cultivation of sugarcane in the regions of Chitradurga, Belgaum, Mysore, Shimoga. The gross sugarcane cultivable area is 4,00,000 hectares, and the 34.6 million tons output is acheived. Karnataka has a history of producing premium sugarcane with yields of up to 84 tons per hectare. The average production in India is 75 tonnes per hectare.

8. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is not having various rivers. It also relies on the Cauvery River, which flows through the state of Karnataka. The state doesn’t have a lot of rainfall from either the North or last afternoon winds. Even after such drawbacks, Tamil Nadu boasts a production of 107 tons per hectare and has attained a record for the same, despite having a smaller area of land under sugarcane cultivation than Karnataka.   Any area on the outside Tamil Nadu has black alluvial sand, ideal for sugarcane planting.

9. Maharashtra

Maharashtra ought to be ranked on top of this list. However, a few years of constant drought have significantly brought the fields down. Maharashtra relies on rainfall for filling  of its rivers.

The last 2 years of drought & disputes between the sugar cane farmers and the barons over the sugarcane pricing issue have caused the farmers to start farming of other crops, and also horticulture. There are numerous sugar mills in Maharashtra owned by various political figures.

10. Uttar Pradesh

This state is also having good cultivable land of 21, 00,000 hectare. It is having an output of around 133.3 million tons which makes it stand on the top.

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