The Best Carpets In India

Having a rug or an area carpet in your home is a must. In addition to its aesthetic value, best carpets provide a layer of warmth to a chilly tile or marble floor.

Add some glitz and glamour to your house with the help of these unique artworks. They prevent stains from accumulating on your floor. Additionally, they provide the appearance of a house that is cozier and more inviting.

Anywhere in your home, from the front door to the living room to the bedroom, you may utilize these carpets or area rugs. It looks fantastic in every room. Whether it’s winter or monsoon, your feet will thank you for adding a woolen carpet to your home’s interior design.

 You may also add color and elegance to your decor with a brilliantly patterned jute rug. You should choose a carpet that complements your flooring and walls.

All of them are available in a wide range of colors (blue and yellow are two of the most popular), as well as in a variety of designs (wool & cotton carpets), as well as in different sizes.

To assist you improve your home area, online sellers offers a selection of online rugs that are both affordable and stylish. If you’re curious about what else is available, check out the complete collection of best carpets in India today.


List of Best Carpets In India

How To Choose The Best Carpet In India

Carpets as we discussed above can give your home a great makeover and improve the aesthetics. But buying a carpet isn’t an easy task. Thankfully this buying guide mentioned down below will help you in finding the right fit for your home. Let’s check it out.

Size and Fit

The first and foremost thing that you should always take a look at is the size and the fit of the carpet you’re looking to buy. Since the carpet needs to be used at home, you can’t just buy any size and assume it would fit the purpose. Always measure the room or the area where you’re going to place the carpet before going to shortlist or buy them. For example, a large-sized carpet would suit well for the living room while a medium-size would look good in the bedroom, study room, and office areas. Look through the available options and select the right suited size and fit for your home.

Material and Fibre

These days carpet comes in various material and fiber options. The traditional rugs had a few options to select from but now the options have certainly extrapolated. This is why you need to take a look at the material used in the carpet to see if it suits your purpose or not. The material used in it should be durable and highly functional besides also looking good. Also, try to look at the carpet with materials that are stain and flame-resistant. This will give long-lasting durability to your carpet. These days you can find carpets with options like jute, cotton, wool, acrylic, synthetic, and much more.

Construction basis

It’s not just the materials that play a major role as the construction of the carpet provides the basis for durability and usefulness. A stronger and more stable designed carpet will be more durable than a less strong one. The stronger ones usually have more twists per inch and can be heavier but at the same time, will give your carpet a high-level quality and a longer shelf life.

Price and Budget

Carpet is a thing that comes in such a wide spectrum of price points that you’d be amazed when you go for it. There are various carpets with better material and construction basis which can stand the test of time but also cost a fortune. Similarly, there are various factory-made models which tend to last for an average time but have good finishing and aesthetics. Always try to look for the best-suited option at your price point and not fall for any cheaper and lesser quality options.