Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states of the North East in India. The state is home to numerous tribes such as Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia; and has a peaceful environment, calm hills & mountains, natural beauty, and rich culture. The customs & traditions of Meghalaya are very well signified by the attire worn by the people existing there.

Weaving is the ultimate source of livelihood for most of the people of Meghalaya. The traditional costumes of Meghalaya are elegant, sophisticated, and simple as well. The state is rich in folk tradition and tribal culture. The craft and art of Meghalaya have exclusivity of their own. Do you want to know more about the traditional costumes of men and women of Meghalaya then keep reading?

Traditional dress of men in Meghalaya:

Traditional Dress of Meghalaya

Here is a complete list of traditional dress wear by Meghalaya men.

  • Garo Tribe

Men belonging to Meghalaya’s Garo tribe wear a loincloth. This piece of cloth is weaved by themselves as they are the most talented & skilled weavers of the state. Here, weaving is the major source of every family.

  • Khasi Tribe

Men in the Khasi Tribe wear an unstitched long cloth around the waist. Interestingly, Khasi tribe men hold a sword in hand during the festival of Nongkrem and KaPom-Blang. The costumes and looks of the people represent the heritage of Meghalaya.

The unstitched dhoti is the traditional dress of the men of the Khasi tribe which can be commonly seen in different regions of the state.In addition, an embroidered shirt/jacket is also worn.To stay in touch with their culture and tradition, people nowadays wear these clothes only on functions or occasions.

  • Jaintia Tribe

The costume of Jaintia tribe men is very similar to the Khasi tribe.

Traditional dress of women in Meghalaya:

  • Dak Manda

A Garo Tribe woman wears a small piece of cloth around the waist. Women who belong to the Garo, either living in crowded or densely populated areas, incorporate long dresses into their traditional attire.They are usually made up of cotton.

Garo women also wear Dak Manda which comprises a blouse and handmade lungi, worn around the waist. Depending based on the region of residence of the people, the traditional dresses of Garo women varies.

  • Jainsem

Khasi Tribe women add Jainsem in their traditional attire. This includes a blouse, Jainsem and a cotton shawl. Jainsem covers the lower body of women while a cotton shawl or top-mohkhlieh complements the entire dress. It is made up of mulberry silk.

  • Jainkup

Jainkup is made of woollen cloth and is typically worn by elder women. This is worn with full sleeves blouse having a workaround for the neck. Jainsem and Jainkup wear by female dancers during the Khasi Festival of Ka Shad Suk Mynseim.

  • Mekhla

The elegancy and beauty of Mekhla make is one of the popular traditional costumes of the state.  It is usually waved from eye-catching Muga Silk.

  • Kyrshah

Jaintia tribe women wear headgears made up of checkered cloth garments, popularly known as Kyrshah. During the harvest season, it can be shown on the head of women.  Apart from that, it is contrasted with their dresses by the Jaintia tribe at their festivals.

Final thoughts:

The people of Meghalaya are well known for their adaptability and cheerful nature. Each tribe has its cultural traditions and customs. Along with diverse heritage, the colourful costumes can be seen for both men and women in this place. The region is full of talented and experience Garos weavers that produce clothing items for themselves and people around the state.

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