Why RBL Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

RBL Bank UPI is payment solution software that operates on the (UPI) network. BHIM is a digital payment mechanism that allows users to conduct a variety of activities, like sending and requesting money, using a (VPA) in real-time on a mobile device. Money can be given and received instantaneously on a 24/7 basis on all 365 days of the year, 365 days of the year. The service is also available on weekends and holidays.

No need to give bank account information like account number and IFSC code because all payments can be completed through the use of a virtual payment account (VPA). Customers can pay users directly using their VPA, or they can scan & pay using the QR code feature in the BHIM mobile application.

RBL Bank UPI Not Working

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However, sometimes its user’s questions as RBL Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here are the possible reasons & their solutions mentioned below:

1. Check internet connection

If the RBL Bank UPI fails to work, it is advisable verifying your internet connection & confirms that you are on pay mode before proceeding with the transaction. At the very same time, be certain that the individual to whom you are sending the money is in the receiving mode of operation. It is also necessary to check the payment limit. Verify that the QR code you are using is legitimate if you are employing this method.

2. Enter correct details

One of the reasons why a UPI transfer may terminate is because the transaction data were entered incorrectly. If you’re using a mobile number, UPI ID, or bank account, double-check that the information is correct and that you have a connection to the internet before proceeding. If all of these conditions are met, you can also check the transaction limit then proceed with the troubleshooting process.

3. Update RBL bank BHIM app

For the UPI transaction to be successful, you might be using a third-party app. This could be a mobile payment app such as PhonePe, GooglePay, Paytm, or any other. It is possible that the software version is out of date and no longer receives support. In this situation, you will receive a message from the application. In other words, if the UPI transactions are consistently failing, there is a good possibility that your app is out of the current. Go to the Appstore and download and install the latest version of the application. After that, give it another shot and the issue should be resolved.

4. Double-check bank balance

Another reason for the transaction to continually fail is a shortage of funds in the account at the time of purchase. You can also check to see if the account has sufficient funds and that this is not the source of the problem.

5. Call RBL bank BHIM support team

Aside from that, there are two other reasons why UPI payments may fail. Debit Freeze on a bank account or Bank Server Unavailable. For this, you may need to contact the support team and banking customer service.

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