Top 10 Safest Cities In India 2023 (Lower Crime Rate)

India is the nation with a great deal of differences and a considerable measure of custom. The nation is well known for its way of life and celebrations. Now India is become the one of the fastest growing economy in the world today. In any case, nowadays, all we read in a daily paper is about rape cases, murder, terrorist attacks or so forth. This makes us uncertain about where we live in.

By concentrate the past record of the urban areas, below is the list of top 10 safest cities in India in terms of lower crime rate according to NCRB Data.,msid-86249277/86249277.jpg

10. Chennai

Chennai, the social capital of South India is likewise the best city to live in perceived by the Institute of competitiveness. The city is second biggest to send out the IT Business and BPO administrations. The economy of Chennai is the outcome from vehicles, PC, equipment produce, innovation and social insurance.

9. Delhi

Delhi holds the tenth position on the rundown as being the capital of the nation it is not sheltered as it ought to be. It is extremely crowded and given the populace that huge, the violations will probably happen. Political battles and contentions are the primary distinction between a capital city and others. A wide range of political uproars, terrorist attacks, robberies, murders are problems faced by the city. The city likewise has the most noteworthy number of assault cases enlisted in the court which makes it somewhat less safe for ladies. But above all, the city is the heart of the nation.

8. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the biggest metropolitan urban communities in India and is voted the second most secure city of the nation. Ahmedabad has grown mainly because of its textile mills, and is known as the Manchester of India. It’s an incredible place for veggie lover foodies. The crimes, burglaries and assaults are not very common when contrasted with alternate urban communities.

7. Surat

Surat tops the rundown in which the urban areas were positioned by crime and security division. Likewise in the personal satisfaction and the nature of the frameworks in the city, Surat holds the principal position. Surat is arranged on the south of Gujarat and is prevalent on the planet as the jewel capital of the globe. It has gotten the honor named the Best urban city of India and has likewise gotten the honor for the third cleanest city in India in the year 2011. The textile business of Surat is the second biggest in India and Diamond industry is the biggest on the planet.

6. Bangalore

Despite the fact that the wrongdoing rates have expanded when contrasted with the earlier years yet it is lesser than different urban communities in north. It is the most favored entrepreneurial city of India, the metropolitan has won million hearts all because of its national and global level education and IT area. With ISRO, Infosys and Wipro the city dependably stays in highlights.

5. Jaipur

Jaipur, the biggest city of Rajasthan, is India’s initially arranged city. It is otherwise called pink city, for every one of the structures in the old part of the city are pink in shading. Jaipur is known for the extravagance of engineering on account of the nearness of inspiring posts, huge castles and excellent havelis.

4. Pune

With the average crime rate, the social capital of Maharashtra is well known for assembling automobiles, government as well as private part IT research organizations, education, administration and training. The city pull in students and experts from India, South East and Middle East Asia, and Africa. The Pune city is the also known as Motor City of India. The openings for work here are the motivation behind why there a great deal of students and professionals from each edge of the nation.

3. Mumbai

Mumbai, once in the past known as Bombay, is the most crowded and the wealthiest city of India which can be demonstrated by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The immigrants from every single other part of the nation are pulled in towards Mumbai due to the exclusive expectations of living, non judgemental and business openings.Despite the fact that purchasing a property here is quite a bid deal however the city keep on welcoming individuals from the whole way across the nation because of massive open doors and lower crime rates than different urban areas.

2. Hyderabad

It is the eighth best city as far as security and wrongdoing rates. The prevalent landmarks, for example, Char Minar add to the magnificence of the city. The city is perfect. The state offices of Hyderabad framed an IT SEZ, which is IT Special Economic Zone. This pulled in an extensive number of worldwide and in addition Indian organizations to fire up their workplaces in the city. It is, hence, a perfect place for the IT part after Bangalore. Hyderabad is known as India’s Pharmaceutical Capital which is on account of there was a development of both, biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprises in the 1990s.

1. Kolkata

Among the metro urban areas of India, Kolkata is the third most populated city in India. This city of West Bengal is rich with culture and is an exceptionally pleasant city to live in. The city is having and difficulty with the over-populace part yet at the same time is protected from any significant wrongdoings. Disregarding the populace, ladies are protected in the city in light of the fact that here they are regarded a considerable measure and are praised.


The population of India is growing day by day and it also increases the ratio of crime. There are a few different urban cities worth living, the above are the best in India. The top wrongdoings in India are Dowry, Domestic Violence, Rape, Drug Distribution and the significant lump of violations in India are against ladies, the insights properly appears if ladies are protected in a city, the wrongdoing rates are lower.

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