10 Most Beautiful Sun Tv Serial Actress Name List

Sun TV has offered the television program lovers a bulk of fresh serials and performances. In fact, among the Sun TV happens to be one special entertainment option for the Tamil language speakers. The Sun TV serial actresses have shown their top credibility in their artistic works. A number of soap operas are there offering perfect treats. A large part of the credit goes to these serial actresses.

Sun Tv Serial Actresses Name

1. Srithika Saneesh:

Srithika Saneesh

SrithikaSaneesh impresses with her beautiful voice. Elegant gestures and expressive eyes convey a range of emotions, drawing viewers into her world. Srithika’s performances, whether as a strong heroine or a kind supporting character, are captivating. Each role she performs demonstrates her adaptability and acting talents, captivating audiences. Her masterpieces “Madurai” and “VennilaKabadiKuzhu” shine.

2. Mounika Devi:

Mounika Devi

Mounika Devi immerses audiences with her beauty and finesse in every role. She is famous with spectators because her elegance and grace improve her performance. Her career took off in Vijay TV’s “AvalumNaanum,” where she excelled. Here, she exhibited her engaging personality and became a fan favorite for her nuanced portrayal of complex characters. Mounika’s ability to seamlessly flip between classic and modern roles offers each character a particular charm and depth that bonds viewers.

3. Alekhya Harika:

Alekhya Harika

AlekhyaHarika’s ethereal beauty and stunning smile mesmerize viewers globe. She shines in Sun TV serials for her performance and versatility, not only her looks. Alekhya’s inherent ability to portray several moods makes her an emerging star. Her honest and sophisticated performances reveal the intricate fabric of human life. The Sun TV drama “Dethadi,” began Alekhya’s career. She won over viewers with her performances in this famous Tamil serial.

4. Rekha Krishnappa:

RekhaKrishnappa’s beauty and talent fascinate TV viewers. Her starring role in the smash drama “Deivamagal” made her famous internationally. Rekha combines her beauty and acting skills to play several characters. Rekha’s strong-willed heroes and interesting adversaries leave enduring imprints. She portrays individuals from diverse backgrounds with ease, demonstrating her acting versatility. She captivates audiences with her honest, meaningful performances.

5. Shamitha Shreekumar:

Shamitha Shreekumar

ShamithaShreekumar’s charm and grace draw viewers into Sun TV serials’ spell. Shamitha, noted for her captivating Tamil cinema and TV roles, excels in “PandavarBhoomi.” She’s lovely and gives her performances depth and dimension. She brings her characters to life with a bright grin and expressive eyes, making a lasting impression. Shamitha’s acting versatility allows her to play a variety of charming and complex roles. Shamitha’s sincerity as a little girl or a granny charms viewers.

6. Dhanya Deepika:

Dhanya Deepika

Sun TV serials showcase DhanyaDeepika’s beauty and ability. Her lovely performances in musicals like “IntikiDeepamIllalu,” have won over fans globe. Dhanya’s beauty and subtle expression of emotion set her distinct. Each performance is a masterclass in acting, as she really portrays challenging people. Dhanya’s screen presence exudes competence and determination. Her love, happiness, and pain and despair performances make a lasting impression.

7. Aishwarya Salimath:

Her beauty and acting talents make AishwaryaSalimath unstoppable in Sun TV serials. Her beautiful looks highlight her talents in each film. Aishwarya’s reality and depth in a variety of roles set her apart. Whether portraying a youthful ingenue or a seasoned heroine, Aishwarya’s rare blend of empathy and strength hits home with audiences. She goes deep into her characters’ emotions to produce real, gripping performances, demonstrating her commitment for her profession.

8. Sandra Babu:

Sandra Babu

Sun TV serials showcase Sandra Babu’s ethereal beauty and fascinating screen presence. Her radiant aura draws viewers into her characters’ interesting realms with each appearance. Sandra is gorgeous and gives each character depth and genuineness. Sandra’s unique blend of compassion and force as a young ingenue or seasoned heroine charms audiences and reviewers. Following her Malayalam TV debut with “Karuthamuthu,” she got famous.

9. Papri Ghosh:

Papri Ghosh

PapriGhosh turns heads in Sun TV serials with her beauty and ability. She has grabbed fans from her 2009 “Kaalbela” debut and imprinted her mark on each role. Her newest Sun TV part in “PandavarIllam” showcases her talent and beauty. Papri is beautiful and can play several roles. Papri’s rare blend of compassion and strength as a young ingenue or a wise grandma charms audiences and reviewers. Papri’s talent and enthusiasm make her captivating on film.

10. Aarthi Subash:

Aarthi Subash

AarthiSubash’s beauty and personality draw admirers to Sun TV serials. Her inherent talent draws notice in every position. Aarthi is beautiful and gives each character depth and honesty. Audiences and critics love Aarthi’s rare blend of compassion and force, whether portraying a youthful ingenue or a seasoned protagonist. Sun TV’s Tamil drama “PandavarIllam,” Aarthi’s main role, showcased her abilities.


These ten actresses are one of the beautiful and talented actresses who add more to Sun TV serials. Their enchanting performance with their mesmerizing beauties is still keeping alive the viewers in screen, hence cannot be disremembered in the Indian television world. Let us celebrate their talent and charm while preparing for many more engaging performances, which they have already in store for us in the years to come.

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