Tamil Nadu is a state located in the southern part of India. This place is famous and noted for some extravagant temples and religious sites. Another essential part of this state is its costumes. You must know that most traditional sarees and Indian attires are available in this state. It is the primary source. Most people come to this place to explore its beauty and try new costumes. The traditional apparel of this state has earned good recognition and popularity through its elegance and beautiful look. People of all states highly admire it.

Traditional dress of men in Tamil Nadu:

Here you will learn about the traditional dress of men in this state. Let us have a look at it. The traditional dress of Tamil Nadu is worn by both rural and city people.

  • Lungi:

You will find many men of this state wearing cotton lungis specially manner. The lungi made of cotton material is worn from the waist and tucked between the legs. This is the traditional dress which is worn during the wedding seasons.

  • Shirts:

In addition to the lungis, people wear shirts or Angavastra. It is also made of cotton material. You will also find that the shirts are mostly available in white color. During wedding seasons, men wear different color shirts. Angavastra is another piece of white cloth that is put on the shoulder. These have golden borders on both sides. During the early part, Angavastra was worn on the upper part. Now it is put over the shirt.

  • Slippers:

With the lungi and shirt, many men wear simple slippers. This gives them a comfortable look. You will find many men wearing jewelries. They wear golden chains and bangles. This are made of pure gold. The rate of gold purchase is also high in this state.

Traditional Dress of Tamil Nadu

Traditional dress of women in Tamil Nadu:

You must have seen that women in this state love to wear colorful traditional attires. It is one of their significant characteristics.

  • Sarees:

Most women prefer wearing sarees. It is worn during weddings and festive periods. South Indian sarees with Zari works are famous not in India but in other parts of the country. They are found in vibrant colors with beautiful zari work.

  • Brahmin girls traditional saree:

Kanchipuram saree is one of the traditional and famous saree of Tamil Nadu. It is made of pure silk material. The length of the sari varies from five to six yards. Brahmin women mostly wear it during their weddings.

  • Pavda:

It is other traditional women wear which is worn by them before their marriage. It is like a half-saree. It is like a half-saree which is worn in the form of a skirt. You will get a blouse and a shawl. The shawl is known as Devani. Tamil girls look beautiful in this attire.

  • Salwar Kameez:

In the present time, most Tamil girls are found to wear salwar kameez. They feel much comfortable in this dress.

Final thoughts:

It is evident that this state is well-known for its colorful and attractive attires. Both men and women look excellent in this dress. Even their wedding dress is beautiful and elegant.

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