Another state located in the southern tip of India is Telangana. This state is also rich in culture and heritage. The other name of Telangana is Kohinoor. This is because it is an excellent center of weaving and dying. It has many industries that are pioneers in this work. The people of this state are much serious about their culture and heritage. They always try to maintain the culture of their state through costumes and other activities. The dress code of Telangana is almost the same as that of Tamil Nadu.

The name of this state “Telangana” has significance. It is derived from Trilinga. It is believed that Lord Shiva was found on the three mountains that are named as Kaleshwaram, SriSailam, and Draksharamam.

Traditional dress of men in Telangana:

You might be interested to know about the traditional attire of men in this state. Let us try to explore it.

  • Pancha Dhoti:

It is one of the unique and ancient dresses of this state. The men of this state prefer to wear it. In the present time, you will find the pundits or the priests of this state wearing these dhotis. It is a white and cotton dhoti that is worn specifically by the men of this state.

  • Kurtas:

The state has humid weather. To get rid of these climatic conditions, the men wear cotton and plain kurtas with the dhotis. It keeps the body pleasant and relaxed. You will get kurtas of various designs and fabrics.

  • Nizam’s Sherwanis:

Telegana has a muslim community who love to wear sherwani’s during particular events. Now sherwanis are worn by Hindu’s too. During the wedding period, the men of this state wear sherwanis. They are beautifully embroidered and designed by the designers. The sherwanis are made of nylon materials. You will get stonework on the sherwanis. It makes the dress look much attractive.

Traditional Dress of Telangana

Traditional dress of women in Telangana:

The women of this state prefer to wear bright color attires. Let us check out the attires worn by the women of this state.

  • Langa Voni:

Langa Voni is one of the beautiful and traditional attire of this state. It is made of luxurious materials to add extra glamor to the dress. It is worn during  wedding and grand occasions.

  • Salwar Kameez:

You will now find many women wearing salwar kameez in workplaces. This helps in the smooth and easy movement. The salwar kameez are available in various designs and looks.

  • Bridal dress of women:

The womens look exceptionally beautiful during the wedding period. They wear white sarees with maroon and golden embroidery boundaries. In addition to this, they wear gold ornaments that make them look much attractive and elegant. The womens of this state give simple makeup and concentrate on jewelleries. They have a habit of buying heavy jewelries.

Final Thoughts:

With the influence of western culture and dress, you may find some differences in the attires of Telangana, but ordinary people love to maintain their traditions in respect of costumes. They love to wear colorful dresses and jewelries. This gives a beautiful look, and they look attractive on this attire.

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