Known as the 29th & youngest state in India, Telangana was legally acknowledged on June 2, 2014, and it is home to an abundance of tourism attractions. A welcoming and multicultural & pluralistic society, Telangana is well-known throughout the world. Its capital city, Hyderabad, is the fifth biggest city in India and is home to some of the country’s best academic institutions, public sector as well as defense companies, and a great international services sector & film industry.

Located on the Deccan plateau, Telangana boasts a pleasant temperature and an abundance of natural and water resources, making it an ideal place to live. As the entry point to the Krishna & Godavari River systems in southern India, the state is known as the “Seed Capital of the World.” In addition to being one of India’s most prosperous economies, Telangana is poised to reclaim its proper place in a country as a fully advanced state & society with a strong history and a rich legacy.

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