10 Most Beautiful Telugu Serial Actress Names List

The Telgu serials have engaged the viewers to a great extent in the last 10 years, and a large credit behind this success goes to the actresses. The beautiful actresses with their best performances have captured the hearts of the TV watchers. Along with captivating storyline and great making, these actresses have come up with both conventional and unconventional portrayals of the characters, resulting the success of the shows. As we have reached the year 2024, let us have look at these actresses and their careers.

Telugu Serial Actresses Names List

1. Suhasini:


Suhasini is famous in Telugu television for her elegance and charm. Her expressive eyes and flawless performance make her one of the most beautiful performers. Suhasini debuted in Telugu’s “Chantigadu.” Her shift to television proved her adaptability and acting skills. In 2011, Suhasini debuted in Telugu with “Aparanji.” After then, the multitalented actress charmed audiences in various serials. From “Iddaru Ammayilu” to “Naa Kodalu Bangaram”,” Suhasini has portrayed many roles.

2. Preethi Asrani:

Preethi Asrani’s ethereal beauty and versatility distinguish her in Telugu serials. Her ability to portray emotions accurately has been recognized by audiences and media. Preethi got popular for Zee5’s family drama “Pakkinti Ammayi,” after joining Telugu TV. In “Pakkinti Ammayi,” Preethi’s characters captivated audiences. One of Telugu television’s best performers, she connects with people emotionally and adds dimension to her roles.

3. Meghana Lokesh:

Meghana Lokesh

Meghana Lokesh’s beauty and charisma made her a Telugu TV celebrity. She is a famous actress owing to her lovely performances. With Star Maa’s 2013–2016 Telugu TV series “Sasirekha Parinayam,” Meghana became famous. She was praised for her portrayal of the title character, establishing her as a talented actress. Meghana Lokesh’s charm and versatility make her popular beyond acting.. Meghana played and coached on Zee Telugu’s “Dance Jodi Dance,” where her advise was valued.

4. Preeti Nigam:

Preeti Nigam

Preeti Nigam’s beauty and personality make her a captivating Telugu serial actress. Her appealing portrayals have won her fans and worldwide admiration. Preeti got recognized for portraying wicked characters in Telugu TV serials including “Kasturi,” where she portrayed Sunila, “Chandramukhi” and “Swathi Chinukulu” on ETV. The characters Preeti portrayed were complex and engaging, showcasing her acting versatility.

5. Pallavi Ramisetty:

Pallavi Ramisetty

Beauty and talent have made Pallavi Ramisetty popular on Telugu TV. Fans and critics love Pallavi’s profound and genuine representations of diverse personalities. Her enthralling performances made her an industry force. Pallavi Ramisetty gained renowned after acting in “Bharyamani” and “Aadade Aadharam.” The serials showcased her acting versatility and expanded her following. She was praised for her realistic and complicated serial roles.

6. Premi Viswanath:

Premi Viswanath

Her timeless beauty and captivating screen presence make Premi Viswanath a Telugu serial favorite. Fans and critics love her ability to depict complex characters with depth and honesty. Premi’s diversity and brilliance attract viewers. In 2014, Premi Viswanath debuted on “Karuthamuthu.” She has since participated in Malayalam chat shows and serials including “Badai Bungalow,” “Sell Me the Answer,” “Laughing Villa,” and “Deal or No Deal.” These films demonstrate her acting versatility and ability to connect with audiences across genres and platforms.

7. Ashmita Karnani:

Ashmita Karnani

Ashmita Karnani’s charming smile and beauty stand out in Telugu serials. Her emotional connection with audiences is popular. Ashmita’s captivating talents make her a prominent Telugu TV personality. Due to her talent and personality, Ashmita’s fans eagerly await her film roles. Journalists and audiences have commended her for giving her characters depth and honesty. Ashmita captivates viewers as both heroes and villains.

8. Aishwarya Pisse:

Aishwarya Pisse

Beautiful and talented, Aishwarya Pisse is one of Telugu television’s most intriguing actresses. Her television personality and talent have made her a rising celebrity. She’s a Telugu TV celebrity due to her flexibility and personality. The beautiful actress was praised for “Matrudevobha,” “Bhagyarekha,” and “Mattigajulu.” Her vivid and realistic character interpretations are praised by viewers and media. Through over 15 TV serials, Aishwarya has shown her versatility and impact.

9. Sameera Sherief:

Sameera Sherief

Beauty and charisma made Sameera Sherief a Telugu serial star. Fans appreciate her for giving her characters depth and honesty. Sameera is a household name and industry leader due to her captivating screen presence and acting talents. The Kannada serials “Punar Vivaha” and “Anuroopa.” made her popular. Complexity and emotional impact were lauded in her character interpretations. Sameera’s talent and dedication have made her a popular favorite and have benefited Telugu television.

10. Shobha Shetty:

Shobha Shetty

Shobha Shetty’s timeless beauty and captivating personality make her one of Telugu television’s most popular actresses. Her acting range and charisma have made her famous. She started acting at 15 and was good right away. The 2006 Telugu serial “Aadapilla” established Shobha’s career of memorable roles and excellent performances. Shobha Shetty has captivated and acted for years. In 2017 Tamil serial “Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu,” she played a major part.


Clearly, these Telugu actresses have been the central figures in a number of serials. Then in the side roles also they have proven their worth. Their nuanced performances and charming presence made the television serial lovers be at the edge of their seats. In the coming years also, the career of the actresses are expected to rise high as they continue to get the love of the viewers.

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