10 Most Beautiful Vijay Tv Serial Actress Name List

Tamil Television is achieving a lot of vibrancy over the years and Vijaya TV is a major reason for this increasing success. The beauty and perfection of the actresses are the reasons why the shows in Vijaya TV are ranking the top TV charts. The graceful presence and top notch performance of these actresses have caught the eyes of the TV serial viewers and they have appreciated the shows more than ever. Here are the names of the actresses who made it possible.

Vijay Tv Serial Actresses Name List

1. Nakshatra:


Through “Thamizhum Saraswathiyum,” Nakshatra’s attractive smile and seamless performance have garnered admirers. Her personality and acting skills are lauded. Want to know more about her?At “Thamizhum Saraswathiyum,” Nakshatra acts honestly and deeply. She expertly conveys her characters’ emotions, engaging viewers. Her joy, anguish, and love move viewers. Her gorgeous smile makes her a delight to see. Nakshatra’s natural acting makes her an excellent Vijay TV serial actress beyond her beauty. She has created a great stir among the viewers thanks to her unforgettable performances.

2. Sree Nithi:

Sree Nithi

Sree Nithi is continuing on proving herself as one of the bests. In Vijay’s “Senthura Poove,” SreeNithi impresses by beauty, intelligence, and performance. Fans admire her show character portrayals. The audience remembers Sree Nithi’s presence, captivating on the screen. It’s her ability to bring out joy, sorrow, and love that gives her characters depth and makes them seem real to the very core. This goes beyond the overall expressions. Beyond her beauty, Sree Nithi excels in complex roles. Her depth and complexity make her parts interesting.

3. Raveena Daha:

Raveena Daha

Vijay’s “Mouna Ragam 2,” stars Raveena Daha, who charms viewers. Her stunning eyes and features have charmed the audience. Raveena’s “Mouna Ragam 2” performances are moving. Her genuine characters’ deep emotions and subtleties attract to viewers. Raveena’s emotions, joy, sadness, and love—give her characters depth. Her beautiful eyes draw fans in and help them relate to her characters.

4. Pavithra Janani:

Pavithra Janani

In Vijay’s “Eeramana Rojave,” Pavithra Janani’s sincerity resonates. Her innocent looks and passionate acting give her character depth that captures viewers. Pavithra Janani’s “Eeramana Rojave” showcases her versatility. She effortlessly changes between joy, pain, and love, giving realism to each scenario. Her delicate representation of a range of emotions draws viewers into the drama.

5. Divya Ganesh:

Divya Ganesh

In “Bhakiyalakshmi” of Vijay, Divya Ganesh maintains with her kind smile and vitality. Her fame made her in Vijay TV serials with kindness and warmth. She captivates the viewer emotionally attached. She displays her characters with quite honesty, which makes very much relatable. Joy, sorrow, and endurance that impress viewers during the performance by Divya Ganesh. Her lovely smile makes her cute. Viewers are encouraged by the positivity and perseverance of the girl.

6. Rachitha:


In Vijay’s “NaamIruvar NamakuIruvar,” Rachitha’s beauty and performing delight. Her facile character portrayal and appealing screen presence are popular. Rachitha undoubtedly excels in reality and depth as an actress. She effectively inhabits her roles, allowing people to relate. Rachitha’s joy, sadness, and love performances touch audiences. Her impassioned acting makes her characters engaging. Rachitha’s range of emotions draws viewers in.

7. Priyanka:


In Vijay’s “Kathru KannaVeli,” Priyanka is a popular character. People are drawn to her elegance and eloquence. Authentically portraying characters is one of her strengths. She plays her roles with depth and sensitivity that people love. Priyanka’s emotional turmoil, romance, and strife leave a mark. Her elegant attitude and articulate speech make her characters appealing.

8. Kanya Arivumani:

Kanya Arivumani

In Vijay’s “Pandian Stores,” Kanya Arivumani portrays an emotional role. Her innocent appearance and passionate performances make her persona appealing. Her capacity to express several emotions is a strength. She really becomes her character, allowing viewers to bond with the story via joy, sorrow, love, and hatred. Her passionate performances let viewers feel her character’s issues. She is more accessible due to her innocence and empathy.

9. Roshni Haripriyam:

Roshni Haripriyam

In Vijay’s “Bharti Kannamma,” Roshni Haripriyam leaves an impression. Her beauty and acting skills distinguish her on Tamil TV.Roshni Haripriyam’s “Bharti Kannamma” exhibits her versatility. She depicts her role with depth and authenticity. Her honesty and ability to communicate a wide range of emotions draw viewers into the story.

10. Alaya Manasa:

Alaya Manasa

Alaya Manasa is looking splendid as Sandhya in Vijay’s “Raja Rani 2”. With her beauty and her voice, she becomes the instant favorite. As Sandhya in “Raja Rani 2,” Alaya Manasa gets to show her different colors. She communicates to perfection the best and the worst of that character. Her honest and in-depth portrayal of so many emotions keeps the viewers stick around in the drama. Being beautiful does add up a little flavor to her character, and she becomes more adorable. Her charismatic appearance draws the attention of the spectators at every point of time.


Tamil serials are now loved by a large section of TV serial lovers and Vijaya TV is coming up with more surprises. These serials are outstanding in their presentations and the presence of the strong and beautiful women characters, played by the major Tamil actresses have broken the archetype and created new interested among the minds of the people. This is where they are so successful.

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