The Best Natural Hair Dye for Grey Hair in India

Are you passionate about trying out different hair colors but are afraid of losing the natural shine and texture of your hair? If yes then you have come to the right place. As we know that the fear of hair fall prevents us from applying color to our hair. Alternatively, you can try organic and natural hair colors/dyes.

They contain botanical components and are free of harmful substances such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or PPD. These hair dyes or hair colors effectively hold durable results and don’t damage your hair & scalp. Hair dye containing natural ingredients helps make your hair healthy, shiny, and as natural as it is.

With the developing understanding of chemical-based hair dye, more and more are moving towards organic hair dyeing methods or organic hair dye products. These dyes are a safer substitute because they consist of plant-based ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. You need to begin spending on the right products if you want to maintain the health of your hair. Here we mention a list that contains some of the top natural hair dyes for grey hairs. Scroll down to read!

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How to choose the best hair dye for grey hair in India?

Coloring your hair without chemicals is a distant dream because of its side effects. But you can opt for organic hair dye as mentioned above, but due to the availability of an array of options, it is difficult to choose the best organic hair dye without any traces of ammonia, PPD, barium, or any kind of carcinogens. Below given are some vital elements you need to consider while buying a hair dye for grey hair.

  1. Choose the right type of color

There are three major types of hair dyes- permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent hair dye color.

  • Permanent hair dye

Permanent hair dye, as the name implies, doesn’t fade away with washes and is a permanent color. It lasts until your hair is cut or has grown out.

  • Semi-permanent hair dye

Semi-permanent hair dyes are free of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. They can be synthetic or natural. It lasts for a long in the cuticle, which is the primary layer of the hair.

  • Demi-permanent hair dye

As opposed to permanent hair dyes, Demi-permanent hair dyes are chemically milder and don’t contain ammonia. Since it consists of PPD, you need to take a trial similar to permanent hair dye before applying it to your scalp.

  • Temporary hair dye

Also called hair colors, temporary hair dyes can be easily removed with just one shampooing. They sit on the layer of the hair and don’t penetrate the hair cortex. You can apply it for special occasions, parties, and fun because they look funky.

  1. Choose one shade lighter

Choose a shade lighter if your scalp is gray or more than half of your hair is gray. Never darken too much because when your hair starts to grow out, the gray roots will be shaded much well than the darker ones. In our opinion, you should choose shades like mahogany, chocolate brown, light brown, and praline.

These colors will cover your gray hair. However, if you are in with your color touch-ups regularly, it is still a good idea to choose a darker shade of brown. If you have naturally dark hair or only a small portion of gray hair, look for natural color. If you are confused about which shade to go for, then choosing the lighter of the two is a great option. Meanwhile, if you don’t like lighter colors, it’s good to go from light to dark.

  1. Look for vital ingredients

Shop for a hair dye enriched with sunflower, aloe vera, jojoba oil, orange oil, basil, amla, and coconut oil. All these components help nourish your brittle and dull hair while giving a shine and adding hydration. Natural hair dyes are formulated with fewer chemicals and natural ingredients. They are ideal for people with sensitive scalp & hair and are a safer substitute for synthetic dyes. Organic formulas are free of, hydrogen peroxide, PPD, and ammonia than regular hair dyes.

  1. Stay away from harsh chemicals

Pay attention to toxic ingredients like peroxides, ammonia, and PPD. The pack of your choice doesn’t contain synthetic colors and fragrances; otherwise, it can irritate your scalp and hair.