Traditional Dance Of Jharkhand | Classical and Folk Dance

We all know that the festive season in Jharkhand is something else like you are on a whole different colorful and lively planet. Something like that. The one thing that makes Jharkhand stand out the most is the culture and people’s beliefs in traditions. And if you really wanna feel connected to the traditions and culture of Jharkhand then you must know about and see the Traditional Dances of this amazing state in India. Well, if that’s what you are here for, then worry not because we are about to jump into just that. Here we go.

Jhumair Dance

Jhumair Dance

Now, first, let’s talk about the Jhumair Dance. It’s not just any folk dance, but one that really comes alive during the harvest season and all those vibrant festivals. In this dance form, dancers move to the beats of traditional instruments like the Mandar, Dhol, Nagara, Dhak, and Shehnai​​. Yeah, it’s that kind of dance that just pulls you into the celebration, you know?

Paika Dance

Alright, moving on to the Paika Dance. This one is something else. It’s not just a dance; it’s like a powerful display of martial arts, mixed right into the rhythm. Imagine men, showcasing their bravery and valor, dancing with swords and shields in their hands. And the music? It’s got the beats of Dhak, the melodies of Shehnai, and the roar of Narsingh music​​​​. It’s more than a dance, it’s a story of strength, right?

Chhau Dance

Then we’ve got the Chhau Dance on the list. This one’s a semi-classical dance but with a twist of tribal roots. It’s all about those vigorous movements and those absolutely elaborate masks. The kind of dance that’s not just a performance but a whole experience. Trust us, seeing the Chhau Dance is like watching a vibrant story unfold right before your eyes.

Mundari Dance

Now, let’s talk about the Mundari tribe, yeah? These folks have a dance that’s all about their tight bond with nature and the whole farming scene. They bust out this dance during their harvest festivals. What’s it like, you ask? It’s like they’re grooving out their thanks and feeling all in sync with Mother Earth.

Santhali Dance

Moving on to the Santhali folks, their dance? It’s something else. It’s got this unique flair in how they move and dress up. And guess what? They do their thing to instrumental tunes, with no singing involved. It’s like they’re telling epic tales without uttering a single word. Pretty cool, right?

Domkach Dance

And yeah, ever been to a wedding in Jharkhand? No? Well, you’re missing out because they’ve got this thing called the Domkach dance. It’s the heart of the party, really. It’s all about joy, and a bit of cheeky humor, with the ladies leading the charge. They sing these witty, satirical songs while dancing in circles.

Karam Dance

This one’s not just a regular dance, think of it more like a ritual. It’s all about the Kadamba tree, which, if you didn’t know, is a big deal symbolizing prosperity and good luck. The way they do it is something else, passing around a branch of this tree, but in a way that’s all rhythmic and circular. It’s like watching Unity and Hope dance together, you know?

Phagua Dance

Moving on to the Phagua Dance, and oh boy, is it a sight during Holi in Jharkhand. This isn’t just any dance, it’s like the essence of Holi turned into motion. It’s all about exuberance, kind of like a dance-off between good and evil, with good always rocking it out. It is more like a spectacle, bursting with colors, laughter, and pure joy. It’s not just people dancing; it’s like they’re painting happiness in the air.​

Lesser-Known Folk Dances of Jharkhand

  • Firkal Dance: Belonging to the Bhumij tribes, who you’ll mainly find in the East Singhbhum district, this dance is not just any folk dance. It’s a martial arts spectacle that’ll totally captivate you. Yeah, think of dancers with swords, arrows, and shields, showcasing their skills.
  • Birhor Dance: Okay, so this one’s a special treat during Deepawali, you know, in the Birhor community. It’s not just a dance, it’s like a festival of joy, celebrating marriage. It’s where prayer meets performance, and trust us, it’s something you gotta see.
  • Manbhum Chhau: Performed by the Kurmi folks, this one is a vibrant explosion of colors and energy. It’s a martial art dance too, but with a twist. Imagine heavy masks, bright costumes, and dancers bringing mythological tales to life with their animated, fast-paced moves. Yeah, it’s as mesmerizing as it sounds.


There you have it. These are by far the most common and popular folk dances in Jharkhand, and in a way, these folk dance forms give this state its beautiful and culturally rich identity.

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