Ugadi 2023 Date Shubh Muhurat, Puja Timing, About Festival

Out of all the Indian festivals, Ugadi is another noted one. It is celebrated in many Indian states. In 2022 Ugadi will be celebrated on the 2nd Day of April 2022. It will be celebrated on Saturday. It is celebrated as Telegu New Year in various states. This festival has a shubh muhurat, and the puja must be conducted within this time.

Puja timing for Ugadi 2022

The Pratipada timings for the puja will commence on 1st April at 11.53. The Pratipada timings for the puja will end on 2nd April at 11.58. This means that you have to make all the puja arrangements within this period. You must also try to start and end the puja by this time. It is okay if you complete the puja within the given tithi. As per the Telegu Shaka Samvat, in 2022, the Telegu year 1944 will commence.

It is the first day of the New Year for the people of Andhra Pradesh. You have to maintain and perform the rituals to make your coming days better and peaceful. Anything you do within the given period is good because it is the shubh muhurat. It will bring good luck to your life.


About Ugadi festival

It will be great to know about the Ugadi festival. As you all know the Maharashtrians celebrate Gudi Padwa similarly Ugadi is the New Year for the people of Andhra Pradesh. It is celebrated to worship Lord Vishnu, who created the time and year in this Universe. So, Ugadi is the day when the process of creation commenced. It is a primary day. The yearly festival is celebrated with full preparations. Luni-solar calendar is followed to celebrate this day. This is one of the primary significance of the festival.

Ugadi is the festival when people buy new clothes, including jewelries. The jewelry shops are flooded with people. They are also engaged in buying several household things. One of the unique dishes for this festival is raw mango. A special dish named Bobbatlu and Pulihara is prepared during this festival. You must have heard about Ugadi Pachchadi, which is made with raw mango, tamarind, and green pepper. This food has a special significance. It signifies the various colors of life. Various cultural events are organized to make the day much special and memorable for the people in various places.

As a devotee, you have to rise early in the morning and take a holy dip on the river by putting oil on the entire body. It would help if you need ate neem leaves while going to the bath. This is another ritual of the festival. This festival is not celebrated in North India, but the north Indians keep a nine-day fast during this period. This is called Chaitra Navaratri, and you have to commence the first day by eating Neem leaves and mishri. This span of nine periods is an auspicious period. You can start anything good during this time. It will be good for you and your family. Many people prefer to deal with important deals during this time.