Ways to Improve the Braking Ability of Your Vehicle

Whether you are driving a sports car or a huge truck, any driver knows that the braking system is an essential part of your machine. It provides safety and ensures that your vehicle comes to a complete stop once you press the brakes.

On the other hand, some vehicles don’t have good braking ability. When you press on the brakes, you might notice that your car doesn’t slow down when you need it. So, how do you improve your car’s braking ability? Is it even possible?

Yes! It is!

Here are five ways you can improve your braking ability – regardless of the type of car you are driving.

1. Buy tires with a better grip

Before discussing what you need to change on your braking system, consider how your tires look first. That’s because your vehicle’s tire determines how well your car stops when you press the brakes.

So, what type of tire is the best? It would be best to go for a tire with a better grip. It should also comprise high-quality rubber and tread pattern. You’ll reduce the braking distance if you have balanced tires, too.

2. Replace damaged brake line kits

Brake lines are a crucial component of your braking system. They turn the pedal power into braking power. Additionally, they also protect the inner working of your braking system.

If damaged, you might notice leaking brake fluid, brake lights come on, and you might need to push the brake to the ground. That means you must get complete replacement brake line kits to enjoy using them again.

3. Install larger discs

A brake disc is a circular section clamped inside a wheel. When a car is moving, these discs move together with the wheel.

Once you apply brakes on a moving car, these discs use friction to stop the vehicle.

However, if the discs are small, it can affect the car’s braking power. You can deal with this problem by using larger discs. This will increase the vehicle’s braking power on the large surface area.

4. Increase pad and rotor friction

Both the pad and rotor play a significant role in how your car stops. When applying the brakes, these two create friction to slow down your vehicle.

If both components are worn down, the car will slide instead of stopping. So, you can solve this problem by replacing them with thicker braking pads and using a rotor with better material. Doing so will also heighten your car’s braking power like VehicleRed guide blog.

5. Use a high-temperature brake fluid

Choosing a brake fluid with a lower boiling point is dangerous. If it goes beyond the boiling point, the fluid forms bubbles. These bubbles cause your brakes not to function as expected.

So, go for brake fluid with a high temperature. You can go for DOT 4 fluids since they have a higher boiling point. DOT 5.1 is best for heavy-duty applications and high-performance vehicles.

Wrapping it up

There you have it. You could do these things to improve your car’s braking performance. Remember to ask your mechanic to help you identify the problem before changing anything.

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