Wet Grinder Is Not Grinding Properly? How To Fix It?

Wet grinding is a method that is used to make batters or a paste that is used in the preparation of various cuisines. When using a wet grinder, granite stones are commonly used, which are rotated inside a metal drum with assistance of a motor, and food grains are smashed between a stone and the drum as they pass through.

If you haven’t yet introduced this magnificent piece of equipment into your kitchen, you may be losing out on a vital piece of equipment that will allow you to prepare a variety of delectable Indian dishes. If you have purchased one of the finest wet grinders on the marketplace and are already experiencing problems, here are the top suggestions how to fix them.

Wet grinder issues and its solutions


1. Jar leakage

This is a typical problem often experienced with a wet grinder, particularly if the device is too old, if the wet grinder has a loose blades in the jar, if there is indeed a break in the jar or if the gasket has worn out. Mixer grinders normally work for a decent eight– ten years and even more without creating any issue. If you discover that appliances are having a loose blade in grinder jar, one can tighten its blade assembly with the use of a screwdriver.

If adjusting the blade combination doesn’t help, it’s conceivable that the metal gun is faulty. If you’re unsure, you can phone a specialist to confirm or get the gunmetal altered. Gunmetals normally have a lifetime of over three years and can wear out owing to frequent use. If the grinder jar is cracked, one have no option but to exchange it with a fresh one from the same.

2. Motor Heat & Sound

This generally occurs when the motor house air vents are obstructed or there’s an exterior heat source. Thus, one must use a dry towel to wipe off the air vents & keep the grinder far from the source of heat if such scenarios develop.

3. No sharpness in grinder blade

What is the best way to tell whether the blade on your mixer grinder is worn out? If the blade no longer coarsely grinds the ingredients, it’s time to replace it with another one. Although it is recommended that you sharpen the blade with rock salt before replacing it, we urge that you try this method first. In the jar, place a spoonful of rock salt and put on the wet grinder to blend. Repeat the procedure a couple of times, and you will find that the blades have become a little sharper.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to replace the blade altogether. You may do it yourself with the help of a spanner which comes with the mixer grinder. All you have to do is place one hand on the bottom of the jar and hold the coupler in place. Release the blade by spinning the spanner in a clockwise direction with the blade still attached. Placing the other blade in the same position and tightening it by spinning it anti-clockwise until the wet grinder is securely secured is recommended.

4. Wet grinder keeps tripping

There is a reset button located under the mixer grinder, which activates when the appliance is used constantly for an extended period of time or when hot food items are ground. Next time you encounter this issue, avoid using the appliance for an extended period of time and letting the food to cool before grinding it. Unplug the mixer grinder, remove the jar, and inspect under the appliance to determine whether it has tripped due to extreme heat. On the bottom, there is a red switch that you can use. Press the reset button on the appliance, then plug it back in and turn it on to see if that fixes the problem.

5. Broken coupler

Combiners are the parts that link the blender’s bottom to its container. After several years of use, they frequently become worn out or broken. Additionally, blending frozen fruits and veggies at high speeds on a regular basis might cause severe damage even break the coupler, therefore avoid doing so! The coupler cannot be easily repaired, thus the only choice is to change it by enlisting the help of a qualified professional. Replacement of the coupler should only be attempted with the assistance of an expert, as the wet grinder blades are extremely sharp and can cause serious injury.

Tips for taking care of the wet grinder

  • Before you begin using the wet grinder, make sure that the drum and stone assembly are well cleaned.
  • While you’re attaching the drum to the wet grinder, make sure you’re applying light pressure to the drum to spin it up until it’s securely in place.
  • Ensure that the wet grinder is completely dry at all times.

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