What is the Future of the Fantasy Cricket Industry?

Fantasy sports games have gained immense popularity and momentum in recent years. The online prediction games which require players to create virtual teams and make predictions are loved by millions of hardcore sports fans all around the globe, especially in India. According to Statista, the number of fantasy sports users crossed the 160 million mark in 2022. When talking about the most popular form of fantasy sports category in the Indian subcontinent, fantasy cricket stands at the top. Needless to say, the undying love Indians have for the Gentleman’s Game is one of the primary reasons why the fantasy cricket betting apps and games are a rage amongst ardent Indian cricket fans.

As per the recent trends, the fantasy cricket industry is booming globally. Now the question arises – What does the future look like for the industry? Well, the answer is – very bright. Here are some prominent factors and reasons that suggest the same:

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● Easy Accessibility to Fantasy Cricket Games

One of the most prominent factors which contribute to the success of any product, service, or industry as a whole is easy accessibility. This holds true in the case of the fantasy cricket industry as well. Thanks to the popularity of the fantasy sports genre, many reliable online platforms and applications offer fantasy cricket enthusiasts the option to indulge in fantasy cricket games without hassle. Most of the said platforms and apps are free, i.e., users do not need to pay any fee to access the platforms or download the applications offering fantasy cricket games. Moreover, the registration process is also very simple, adding to users’ convenience. Easy accessibility to fantasy cricket games is a major factor of attraction, compelling more and more individuals to start indulging in fantasy cricket games. To conclude, easy accessibility is a significant factor that has and will continue to contribute to the success of the fantasy cricket industry.

● Frequent Introduction of Interesting In-Game Features

To ensure that fantasy cricket games do not become monotonous, developers are increasingly using innovative technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial to introduce new and interesting in-game features. Doing so not only adds to their credibility but also contributes to the industry’s success. The use of such technologies is facilitating fantasy cricket games to have more interesting features, which in turn is attracting more players. For instance, most fantasy cricket games now provide players with a more accurate forecast of upcoming matches. Besides this, they are also offering better recommendations. Besides this, another example of interesting in-game features is the option to live stream matches that some fantasy cricket applications offer users. The integration of OTT platforms for live streaming matches aims at offering players a more immersive experience in addition to facilitating them to make more accurate predictions.

● Growth in Female Participation

As per statistics, there has been significant growth in the number of female gamers all around the globe, especially in the genre of fantasy sports, including fantasy cricket. Many female gamers have jumped on the bandwagon thanks to advertisements and social media campaigns, posts and insights about fantasy cricket games. Despite being generalized as a male-dominated sport, the increasing participation of females is breaking the gender norm that fantasy cricket is suitable only for males. Moreover, the rise in female participation in fantasy cricket games is a positive sign for the fantasy cricket industry, i.e., the user base of fantasy cricket games and apps is increasing because of it. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the growth in female participation is a major factor that suggests that the fantasy cricket industry’s growth will be off the charts in the future.

● Enhanced Global Recognition Due to the Involvement of Professional Cricket Players

The fantasy cricket industry is slowly but steadily gaining recognition in different parts of the globe. Although there are many other reasons for this, the primary one is the involvement of real-life cricket players in marketing campaigns hosted by prominent fantasy cricket platforms and apps. Many prominent professional cricketers, including the likes of Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, etc., are brand ambassadors of major fantasy cricket companies. Besides this, many other prominent cricketers are also associated with fantasy cricket platforms in other ways to enhance their appeal to the masses. As a result, fans of the renowned athletes are getting enticed to try fantasy cricket games out. The use of popular faces from the cricket world in marketing campaigns and fantasy cricket websites has led to a massive surge in fantasy cricket players globally, making the industry more lucrative and appealing. Moreover, many international fantasy cricket companies are entering the market to benefit from the growing demand for fantasy cricket games. Hence, it is clear that the fantasy cricket industry is on its way to becoming a global sensation in the future.


What Does the Future of the Fantasy Cricket Industry Look Like?

As evident by the factors mentioned above, the future of the fantasy cricket industry looks bright. As per statistical reports and estimations, the user base of fantasy cricket games and applications will grow exponentially in the upcoming years. The popular gaming industry will continue to benefit from the advancements in the field of technology, enhanced Internet penetration, and the potential for monetization. Since the industry is expected to reach newer heights in the upcoming years, it would not be wrong to say that it is currently an exciting time for cricket fans all around the globe, especially those who love indulging in fantasy cricket games.

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