Who is the Brand Ambassador of Lays?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s collaboration with Lays as a brand ambassador was a strategic move by the snack brand to leverage his popularity, especially among cricket enthusiasts in India. Dhoni’s stature as a highly successful cricketer and calm and composed demeanor made him an ideal fit for Lay’s promotional campaigns.


Lay’s Announces MS Dhoni As Brand Ambassador

As Lay’s aimed to reach a broader consumer base, Dhoni’s association helped create brand recall and appeal, linking the excitement of cricket with the joy of indulging in snacks. His image as a dependable and affable personality aligned well with Lay’s marketing goals of portraying their products as enjoyable and reliable snacks for consumers.

More About M.S Dhoni

During his tenure as Lays brand ambassador, Dhoni featured prominently in various advertising campaigns, television commercials, print media, and social media promotions. These advertisements often showcased him enjoying Lay’s products or engaging in light-hearted moments that resonated with consumers, creating a relatable connection between the brand and its target audience.

Moreover, Dhoni’s influence extended beyond just cricket enthusiasts, reaching a wider demographic due to his widespread recognition and popularity in India. This helped Lay’s enhance its brand visibility and position itself as a preferred snack choice among consumers.


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