Who is The Brand Ambassador of Redmi?

In 2023, Pankaj Tripathi will serve as Xiaomi India’s new brand ambassador for the Redmi smartphone line. Renowned actor Pankaj Tripathi has joined Xiaomi India as the brand ambassador for their smartphone line in India.


About Xiaomi

Xiaomi has consistently emerged as the nation’s most respected smartphone brand thanks to its ethos of making technology available to everyone at fair prices. Xiaomi’s emphasis on innovation and user-centric design has helped the company become extremely well-liked among Indian customers. The brand has succeeded with its dedication to offering premium smartphones at fair costs.

Pankaj Tripathi as brand ambassador of Redmi

Prominent for his adaptable acting abilities and likable demeanor, Pankaj Tripathi aptly personifies Xiaomi’s basic principles and ideology. This association will further strengthen Xiaomi’s relationship with its customers, as he is well-known for his ability to connect with viewers and create realistic characters.

The actor, well-known for giving authenticity to every role he plays, has won many hearts nationwide with his down-to-earth manner and depiction of classic characters. Pankaj Tripathi is highly regarded for lending authenticity to his roles, and his disposition harmonizes flawlessly with the brand’s principles, rendering him the perfect fit for the “Redmi Ka Double Bharosa” offering.

Pankaj Tripathi reflects the core of our brand mission, and his ability to connect with the general public will further cement the goal of making technology accessible to all, according to Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Xiaomi India.


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