Why Yes Bank Upi Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

(UPI) is a simple and comprehensive payments system administered by National Payments that is being used at the forefront of the banking industry. YES BANK is the first bank to adopt UPI (NPCI). By leveraging UPI platform capabilities – such as phone-linked transactions, any-bank account debit, & 1-click 2-factor verification – they can provide customers with an improved user experience.

 By covering various use instances either directly through the branded offering or new alliances with leading companies, startup forums, and startups, they aim to be the most comprehensive provider of digital payments solutions in India. They also hope to establish them as a thought as well as a corporate leader in the Indian payments space, capitalizing on the functionality offered by UPI to usher in an era of ‘less-cash’ India.

What to do when Yes Bank UPI Is Not Working?

Yes Bank

There can be various reasons when Yes Bank UPI fails

1. When the bank server is not speedy or too slow

It is possible to face bank server unavailable issues in YES bank UPI on multiple occasions. Here are a few illustrations:

  • While asking for bank balance,
  • If you need to reset your UPI PIN,
  • When you make a payment,
  • When you are trying to add a new bank account,

In such a situation, you must wait and try again

2. Clear cached data

On your phone, the first thing you need to do is remove the cached data for the YES Bank UPI app that has been stored there. This will eliminate all issues and enable the app to be reinstalled from the beginning. Here’s how to clear cached data from your computer:

On your phone, click on the Settings options.

Select Apps (or Applications) from the menu bar and click on the YES Bank UPI app. Then you should click on it.

Then select the Storage option from the drop-down menu.

To clear the data, press the Clear data button. Validate your identity. Click on “OK”

Once you’ve done that, launch the YES Bank UPI app, sign in to your account, and continue to do whatever you have been doing before. If everything is in working order, you will encounter the bank server unavailable error this time.

3. Check internet connectivity

A solid internet connection is required to receive a signal from your bank server and to complete transactions. If your smartphone is unable to connect to your bank’s servers, you may have a bank server unavailable error in the Yes Bank UPI app as well. Therefore, be certain that you have adequate internet bandwidth.

4. Restart your phone

Sometimes the Google Pay app or Paytm app freezes due to which the transactions get stuck in the middle. This can be troublesome for the users. Thus, restart your phone and then retry.

5. Reinstall the app

When you are using an old version of the Google Pay or Paytm app, the app fails to respond. In such a case, visit the play store/app store, and update your YES bank UPI app.

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