5 Tips To Consider When Buying a Tricycle in India

Tricycles are similar to standard bicycles, but have three wheels in it, two at its back and one at its front. Children who are in the age range from two to five can ride these tricycles and enjoy their leisure time. Such tricycles are not only for play reasons but also crucial for physical and cognitive growth. Children can learn a lot to explore the surroundings in their ways. They will also get confidence and tricycles help to develop a great friendship and co-ordination between children. Tricycle is also known as Trike. Let us discuss the five tips while buying a tricycle in India.

What to look for in a tricycle?


Usually, a trike is lightweight, simple, and easy to use for the child, but not sturdy enough to handle a big child or more than 6 years old. Though it is lightweight, it should not break easily without any force. Thus, look for a trike having a wide base of support and a stable steering wheel. Also, the Trike should not lose its control and make hard turns while riding it. If you are looking for a long-lasting trike then, you should buy the one made from sturdy materials.


A trike is best to boost the confidence and independence of your children when they are about to reach the pedals. With modern technology, a lot of tricycles come with several options such as adjustable seats, pedals, and even handles according to your child’s needs. Ensure that you choose a trike which your child can use for at least a couple of years. Sometimes, your child may feel it difficult to keep the feet on pedals. In such a case, buy Toe Clips from retail shops to secure or carry your child’s feet on pedals.

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

Your child can ride the Trike inside your house only when your room is spacious. Otherwise, unwanted collisions may happen while riding the Trike, and your child may get hurt with it. Sometimes, your home has a garden or backyard where your child loves to ride a trike. In such a condition you need to buy a Trike having a good grip on tires. Also, choose a trike having a long push handle at the back so that you can move it backwards or forward to reduce your child’s effort.

Buy Foldable Tricycles:

When your home is not very spacious, you can’t store the Trike inside the home, and it looks messy. To save space, go for foldable models of tricycles. If you plan for a picnic, you can take foldable tricycles in your car easily. Foldable tricycles are best to save the space, and one can also store easily inside the wardrobe.

Check for Assembling Options:

Tricycles are available in two models such as assembled and non-assembled models. If you feel easy and know to assemble it on your own, you can go for the non-assembled model and save some money. Sometimes, you may not be confident with assembling, in such a situation buy the assembled model. Most sellers are selling assembled models of tricycles, and hence, you can easily find it in the baby or retail shops.

These were the five tips that you can follow while buying a trike for your children.