The Biography of Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town Chairman

Malik Riaz has brought forward a live and real time example in front of all the Pakistani people to come forward and ensure their participation in employing newer methods eradicate the existing socio-economic disparity existing at various sections of the society in the country. His future vision of bringing a platform of mutual happiness and prosperity to the hearts and lives of millions of Pakistanis is earning him all the good wishes and blessing from around the world.

“If my people are out of food, out of houses, I cannot sleep.” This is the noble thought of this multi-billionaire business magnate Malik Riaz who has also become the most renowned philanthropists across Pakistan. Apart from being the founder and Chairman of the Bahria Town, which is probably one of Asia’s largest private real estate development firms, Malik Riaz Hussain said to be the biggest hearted businessmen who always carry a soft spot for all the underprivileged people in all of his business projects alongside. Be it any kind of natural calamity, floods, earthquake or any other devastating situation, Malik Riaz has always stood for and with his people right when they need him.

Malik Riaz

It is due to his noble approach and big hearted dedication to the service of the humanity, which has made him put an entire department along with the required manpower to manage and control all of the social welfare acts within the country by Bahria town. Even whilst being the 7th richest person in the country, he loves to share his fortune with the poor people of the country and always ensures his participation in as many activities as possible in the same direction. All of his noble efforts and gestures for the charitable purpose are right through in the direction of putting the right economical balance and harmony across every section of the society. This is the reason why he is so socially acclaimed and appreciated by most of the humanitarian organizations around the globe for all his noble gestures towards humanity.

Its also been mentioned in the Holy Quran, “If one has saved a life, it’s like he has saved the whole humanity” (Surah;5 Ayah;32) Malik Riaz has religiously followed all these words to the core and this is where he has done all the good work by bringing most of the underprivileged people under the program for “Disaster Management Relief Efforts” which ensures that all these people gets provided with all the financial, medical and food services within. This is one of the many examples of his true generosity and he has come up as the spearhead of all the relief activities in the country in case of any disaster, earthquake, flood or any other calamity. Malik Riaz always comes as one of the very few rich people in the country who would love to share their fortune with the less privileged around and this is what makes him a class apart. He has further spent in most of his fortune to the service of fulfilling basic needs of underprivileged like food, cloth and shelter. These are few of the many acts which makes him a real “Messiah” of humanity. It’s not just about the money he is donating to various charitable organizations, he is also providing all the logistical support to every government agency and NGO which are working towards the betterment of the humanity in most of the sections of the society.

Malik Riaz Hussain just want to bring every human being on this plate to mutual prosperity and you can always find him upfront for any type of social or charitable activity going around the country. He can be considered as the main man behind all the Dastarkhwanas running in the country which are further offering free meals to more than 150,000 people twice a day along with all the free health care and educational projects. Its surely that common feeling of sadness in his heart which makes him feel awful about the plight of more than 60 million people who are living below the poverty line in Pakistan. That was the core reason he came up with this concept of “Fund For The Pakistani Common Man” where he would be bringing along free food centers, free education, clean water, health and sanitation along with all the skills enhancement training the under skilled unemployed community around the country. He always believe that one cannot get away from their responsibilities towards humanity by just donating money and the under privileged population must be provided with all the basic requirements like food, employment and shelter.

Malik Riaz News has put himself a step further in the same direction whilst getting started with numerous projects in the country to combat the existing socio – economic inequality issues. He has further put through a letter to the 100 richest people around the country whilst asking them to come forward with their support for the betterment of the humanity in the process. He has further asked them to come ahead and held the needy with not only money, but all the required stuff like repairing their shelters and providing them basic employment for their livelihood.

Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town always pushes for providing a thriving employment platform to everyone who is not been able to earn their livelihood by normal means. He is not the one who just talks about the same but actually act upon the same with full dedication. That’s where he has provided jobs to more than 21,000 workers with further opportunities to more than 1000 local suppliers around the country. It’s largely because of his hardcore efforts and dedication, that the country has received big funding form most of the NRI Pakistani businessmen across the globe. Malik Riaz comes as the most religious person in the country and he believes himself to be just a follower of the Allah almighty. He has called everyone to follow the disciples of Hazrat Umer Farooq who even stopped having honey and meat in those extreme situations for the service of almighty allah. That’s is the reason why he is always there for the needy people with whatever he can and emphasize on the fact which states, “Why can’t we share our honey and meat with the country’s poor?”