ADG Full Form In Police

ADG Full Form in Police is additional director general of police.  This is a rank in the Indian Police Service. ADGPs share the same maximum 3-star police rank as the DGP, however they are subordinate to the latter.

Some cities, such as Kolkata, Rajasthan, and Chennai have a position called Commissioner of Police, which is equal to a special or assistant secretary. To identify an ADG, simply look for the national emblem superimposed on a crossed sword & baton.

Gorget patches, identical to those worn by IGs, are worn on the collars of officers holding the rank of ADG. These patches have a background of dark blue with an oaks leaf pattern sewn on them. In many Indian states, ADGs have been assigned as zone heads.

The ADGP is in charge of the police force’s administration, law enforcement, investigation, technological advancement, intelligence gathering, professional development, and training and education.

This includes managing employees, coordinating promotions and transfers, and providing sufficient manpower and funding for the police department. The ADGP is in charge of supervising the investigation of big crimes and making sure the police department has the resources and expertise to do so.

The ADGP is in charge of coordinating and analyzing counterintelligence data concerning criminal activity and terrorist threats. When it comes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the state police force, the ADGP is instrumental. Administrative tasks, investigations, law enforcement, information gathering, training, & public relations are just a few of their many responsibilities.