IRB Full Form In Police

IRB Full Form in Police is India reserve battalion. Established in 2002 on the model of the Central Para Military Forces, the IRB, is equipped to counter insurgency, militancy, and terrorism.

It is important to note that the India Reserve Battalions are not a paramilitary organization. It’s the state’s elite military unit. A police unit with firearms, modeled after the Central Para Military unit (CMPF), was first established in 1971.

The federal government has been footing the bill for this increasingly expensive army. Since its inception, the IRB isin high demand. Currently, 153 battalions have been approved for deployment around the country. In 1971, the federal government established the concept of Indian Reserve Battalions, and to date, 153 battalions have been approved for deployment to different states. The role of IRB primarily is to defend the state from insurgent groups like the Maoists and terrorists.

Andaman and Nicobar Battalion

The total number of personnel in the Andaman and Nicobar Battalion as of right now is 834. The battalion has been aiding the Civil Police in maintaining internal safety on the Islands and dealing with Law & Order issues.

To further secure our borders, IRBn Jawans are stationed at Look Out Posts (LOPs) in key areas such East Island, Narcondum, Interview Island, Tillong Choung, Louis-inlet-Bay, Mackachuwa, & Afra Bay.

IRBn provides support for regular anti-poaching actions by civil police. Guarding Port Blair’s many critical facilities is an IRBn priority.

There is a sizable contingent of highly capable and enthusiastic Jawans in this battalion who are ready to take on special forces missions.