AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12: Check Online Land Records at

You must already be aware of the Gujarat Development Model. From the infrastructure to the public facilities, everything had undergone a drastic development and change. Today, it is one of the most developed states in India and the credit goes to the vision of the past governments. The growth and development is a factor that majorly determines the price of the property in any state. It is fed by the demand of the property as well but again, the demand is dependent on the development in the state.

Because of the high rate of development, the real-estate market in Gujarat had also seen tremendous growth. This has not only moved up the price of the property but this has also created several investment options in the state. Most of the time you will get a genuine seller when you are buying the property but there is always a probability of getting conned. There are some precautions that can really help you avoid any such kind of situation so how do you do it? Well, the answer is that you can avoid such con deals by checking the land records of the property.

Presently, these land records are available online for the people and on this page, you will learn about the process of checking the land records in Gujarat

Advantages of Checking Land Records

The main advantage of checking the land records is that it can help you in avoiding any con deal which can lead to a financial loss. Now, this is something that is really required as well because a bad deal has the potential to wipe off your life’s saving. It takes just a few minutes to check the land records in Gujarat but it is certainly beneficial to invest this time. The service is available online so you would not even have to step out of the home to get the land records and it is also free of cost.

Steps to Check Land Records in Gujarat

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

  • To check the land records in Gujarat, visit the website and just for the information, the website is developed and maintained by the Revenue Department, Government of Gujarat.

Any RoR Gujarat

  • Once you are on the website, you can move ahead by clicking on view Land Record – Rural or View Land Record – Urban. The choice here depends on the area that your land is located in.
  • You will be redirected to a new page and on this page, you need to enter the details like Taluka, District, Village, Survey Number and some other details. After entering the details, click on the button at the bottom of the page which is for Get Details.

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  • Once you click on the Get Details button, the page will display the land records of the selected property. It should be noted that the information is displayed in a print-friendly version so you can even obtain a printout of the information which can be used by you later.

What are Other Services Offered?

There are some other services offered by the website apart from offering the view of land records. The main service offered here is the facility to view the revenue case data. This will help you in finding the court cases pertaining to any property and hence you can be vigilant if the property has any revenue case going on. Apart from this, the department also posts regular certificates on this website which will be beneficial in staying updated regarding the latest policies.

If in case you want a certified copy of the land records then you will not be able to avail that service using the website. For that, you would need to visit the nearest e-Dhara Kendra and they will provide you with a certified copy.

Bottom Line

So you must now be aware of the process to check the land records in Gujarat and we are sure that this process will help you in verifying the land records for the property that you are purchasing.

If you know a relative or a friend who is planning to purchase property in Gujarat then you must share this process with them as well.