ARO Full Form In Indian Army

ARO Full Form In Indian Army is army recruiting office. During World War II, a British Captain oversaw the establishment of the (ARO) in Nagpur. It was led by an Indian Army Captain from the time of Independence until 1953. This building, which had previously housed an Army Recruiting Office, was given ZRO status in 1953.

History of ARO, Pune

During WWII, on 01 February 1947, HQ Rtg Zone, Pune was set up to oversee recruitment for the Indian armed forces in the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat. Daman, Diu, & Dadar Nagar Haveli in Gujarat were subsequently included as union territories. Recruitment in the regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the Union Territories of Daman, Diu, and Dadar Nagar Haveli was under the purview of Headquarter Recruitment Zone, Pune.

 On October 1st, 2004, Goa was included. The Pune HQ Recruiting Zone is responsible for seven Area Recruiting Offices (AROs). Maharashtra is home to all of the AROs , whereas Gujarat is home to the other two AROs (Ahmedabad and Jamnagar). Recruiting in Goa falls within the purview of ARO Kolhapur.

During World War II, the Recruiting Office in Pune was established. On February 1, 1947, it became a Zonal Recruiting Office. Until 1960, it headed by a Commander in the Navy. The position was thereafter given to a Colonel or Brigadier in the Army. Despite the fact that naval recruitment was split off in 1996, a Naval Officer continues to serve as BRO of Recruiting Office (Headquarters), or RO (HQ). In June of 2004, the Navy’s request to stop sending recruiters to the Army was granted.

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