TOD Full Form In Indian Army

ToD Full Form In Indian Army is tour of duty. On June 14, 2022, the Union Government introduced the Tour of Duty, often known as the Agnipath Scheme. An alluring recruitment program for young Indians to join the armed forces was authorized by the Union Cabinet.

The young people who take part in AGNIPATH are called Agniveers. According to the ToD Army plan, service members are let go after four years, and only 25 percent are given the opportunity to remain in the military permanently depending on their efficiency and merit.

Former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat advocated for the Tour of Duty program. The new Tour of Duty recruitment paradigm allows civilians to serve in the military for a total of four years across three different branches.

More about the Tour of Duty scheme

  • The ToD Scheme will be used to recruit soldiers, sailors, and pilots. Applicants from all over India will be considered.
  • With a target of annually hiring 46,000 non-commissioned officers throughout the three services, the ToD model was examined as a potential solution.
  • Under the plan, the enlistment period for soldiers will be extended to four years.
  • The starting wage for successful applicants is Rs 30,000, rising to INR 40,000 by the completion of the fourth year.

About 30% of each employee’s pay will be placed aside for savings under Seva Nidhi program, with the government matching that amount each month.

Up to 25 per cent of Agniveers could be chosen as regular cadres after four years using a centralized, transparent, and rigorous approach.

This program welcomes applications from both men and women.

The base salary for the first year of service will be Rs 30,000 per month, with a deduction of INR 9,000 per month for the ‘Agniveer’ fund. The troops will get a retirement package that is anticipated to be greater than Rs 11 lakh when they leave duty.

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