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The Bengali entertainment industry has been growing with some of the finest talents in serials and in movies. The growing number of fans in the online community also stands for the growing popularity of the Bangla serial actresses. As we walk into 2024, the time has come to salute the brilliant contributions done by these amazing women to Bengali television. In its true sense, it would not be an overstatement to say their talent has won hearts and now they are in a very good place in the entertainment world. Let’s delve into the glamour and talent as we celebrate the 10 most beautiful Bengali serial actresses of 2024.

Bengali Serial Actresses Name List

1. Oindrila Sen:

Oindrila Sen

Elegant and charming Oindrilla Sen fascinated all spectators with her immaculate performance and gorgeously attractive appearance. She is a great performer because of her talk through eyes and engaging smile. Off the camera, Oindrila Sen (Mohul) displays the inborn beauty she has. In Phagun Bou, she enthralls fans. Thakur was popular as Dushtu in `Saat Paake Bandha’ serial in 2013 which made it tickle. Ankush and Oindrila are partnering in `Magic’. The chemistry is going to float the expectation level among the fans who were eagerly waiting for their screen match-up. Young Oindrila debuted in 2004’s ‘Bandhan’ alongside Jeet and Koel Mallick and Anshu Bach.

2. Sandipta Sen:

Sandipta Sen

Gorgeous actress Sandipta Sen has captivated viewers. Her genuine emotions make Sandipta sparkle in Bengali serials. Her charming screen presence and unwavering dedication to her work leave an impression. After ‘Durga,’ Sandipta Sen became famous for her acting and appearance. She acts authentically on TV by beaming with confidence and embracing her natural skin. Sandipta, born August 27, 1986, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, has excelled. Her acting versatility is seen in ‘Astey Ladies’ (2019), ‘Murder in the Hills’ (2021), and ‘Bodhon’ (2022). Each work shows her versatility, enhancing her image.

3. Madhumita Sarkar:

Madhumita Sarkar

Madame Madhumita Sarkar, with her grace and intellect, is a favorite among the audience. She is a fan-favorite—the one popular bong beauty from Bengali TV. It’s in ‘Kusum Dola’ that Madhumita is Iman warming our hearts. This one differentiates for her acting skills and natural beauty—captivating without makeup. Born on October 26, 1992, Kolkata-born actress and writer, Madhumita Sarkar, is an eccentric personality that reflects a vivacious image. Highly productive because of the effervescence of her persona born out of creativity, she makes a lot of films including ‘Search’ (2022), ‘Tangra Blues’ (2021), ‘Care Kori Na.’

4. Ushasi Ray:

Ushasi Ray

One of Bengali television’s most popular actresses, Ushasi Ray is stunningly beautiful and talented. Ushasi Ray became famous as ‘Ahona’ in Star Jalsha’s ‘Milon Tithi’ and ‘Bokul’ in ‘Bokul Kotha.’ From honest ‘Ahona’ to resilient ‘Bokul,’ her acting range is impressive. She showed her flexibility in Zee Bangla’s ‘Kadambini’.

Ushasi, known as ‘Bokul,’ is famous thanks to the TV serial ‘Bokul Kotha.’ Ushasi Ray’s beauty resists makeup, unlike her cinematic appearance. Her beauty and personality draw audiences beyond her performances.

5. Trina Saha:

Trina Saha

The emerging Bengali television sensation Trina Saha has grabbed fans with her captivating performances. Her expressive eyes and energetic performance make Trina famous in the industry. In 2024, her ability to give her characters depth and complexity makes her a promising performer.

Beyond performing, Trina Saha is one of the most beautiful television actresses, blending model and actor roles. Trina’s beauty shines with or without makeup. Her timeless beauty shows her versatility and charm on and off screen.

In ‘Khokababu,’ Trina Saha portrayed Tori, her first lead. This began her Bengali film and soap opera career, showing her versatility. Trina has performed in musical videos, notably Shaan’s ‘Chaina,’ and acted.

6. Srijla Guha:

Srijla Guha is a Bengali serial celebrity due to her beauty and talent. She distinguishes out in Bengali television’s ever-changing environment with her nuanced, viewer-connecting performances. TV and fashion sensation Srijla Guha had a significant career. She made a mark in her debut TV show, ‘Mon Phagun’. In ‘Banjaara’ and ‘Aa Aaa Harsaee,’ Srijla expanded her profession. Srijla debuted alongside Sean Banerjee in ‘Mon Phagun.’ Her adaptability and excellent start made an impression.

7. Monami Ghosh:

Monami Ghosh

Monami is a Bengali television icon for her various performances. Along with performing, Monami is Bengali television’s most stylish actress. She likes simplicity and seldom wears makeup. She inspires followers with her fashion-forward style. On July 13, 1984, Bashirhat-born Monami Ghosh debuted in “Saat Kahon.” She has seamlessly transitioned between television and movies since her debut, impressing both. Her Bengali flicks “Ek Mutho Chobi,” “Ogo Bodhu Sundari,” and “Bela Seshe” have boosted her popularity and adaptability. Beauty, skill, and commitment make Monami a famous Bengali performer. Monami Ghosh inspires actors and leaves a mark.

8. Indrani Paul:

Indrani Paul

In Bengali television, Indrani Paul is a gem with a charming style and superb performance. She stands out by playing diverse roles with her acting versatility. Indrani’s strong acting and film presence made her a celebrity. Popular Bengali TV personality Indrani Paul modeled. She made her TV debut with Sushmit Mukherjee in Boron. Bengali viewers flocked to Indrani’s TV debut.

9. Dwitipriya Roy:

Young Bengali serial star Dwitipriya Roy is popular. Dwitipriya’s stunning smile and natural acting talents make her a promising actor. Dwitipriya appears in Maa, Durga, Aparajito, Byomkesh, Bamakhyapa, Tomay Amay Mile, and Tare Ami Chokhe Dekhini as a child. Early professional exposure helped her perfect her craft, laying the framework for her successful career. In 2015, Srijit Mukherji directed her in Rajkahini. Dwitipriya appeared in 2017 Zee Bangla series ‘Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni. By July 2020, the program has over 1,000 episodes thanks to her. This role secured her Bengali TV fame.

10. Debparna Chakraborty:

Beautiful and gifted Debparna Chakraborty tops our 2024 list of the most gorgeous Bengali serial actresses. Her charisma, dedication to her craft, and ability to fully embody her roles make her a notable Bengali television performer. The 2013 Star Jalsha film ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’ transformed Debparna Chakraborty’s career. She established her career by portraying difficult characters. She then excelled on Zee Bangla’s ‘Bhanumotir Khel,’ cementing her status as a Bengali TV star.


As we celebrate the allure and talent that these 10 incredibly gifted Bengali serial actresses have, it is clear that they have not just graced our screens with their charismatic persona but also contributed massively towards the rich tapestry of Bengali entertainment. The year 2024 will continue to keep these actresses shining brighter and brighter, which would leave a never-ending impression on the hearts of their loving fans.

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