10 Most Beautiful ETV Serial Actress Name List

The world of the ETV serial was graced by many actresses who could manage to not only sway the audiences through some great acting but also the unmatched beauty that they had. So, as we enter 2024, join us for a journey in appreciating the captivating divas who grace the silver screen with their glamour and beauty. ETV Telugu is one prominent television channel being aired on the Telugu speaking states and has provided different serials, which glued the audience to the small screen with its theme and talented actors. Below here, the list is presented for the top 10 ETV Telugu serial actresses who made the audience lose their heart with their marvelous acting skills, charm, and devotion.

ETV Serial Actresses Name List

1. Navya Swamy:

Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy excels in ETV. Navya charms viewers with her performances and flexibility. Her beautiful smile and expressive eyes mesmerize every role she portrays. Navya Swamy stars in ETV Telugu serials because she can express several emotions. Her acting performance in “Naa Peru Meenakshi,” established her following.

2. Pallavi Ramisetty:

Pallavi Ramisetty

Pallavi Ramisetty looks graceful on the screen. With a serene beauty and an adept performance of a few characters in a fluid manner, she stands out as one of the best ETV serial actors. Her warmth onscreen is complemented by her liberal attitude off it. By her subtle performance, Pallavi Ramisetty has stolen the hearts of her natural act and expressive eyes got appreciation in “Aadade Aadharam” and “Attarintiki Daredi.” Pallavi is known in Telugu serials for depth and genuineness.

3. Sameera Sherief:

Sameera Sherief

Sameera Sherief is famous for beauty and ability. Sameera’s natural talent in acting and her ageless beauty lend each character a unique look with expressive eyes and interesting emotions. Sameera Sherief is an Indian actress known for her performances in Telugu dramas. She shot into fame with “Aadapilla” of ETV as Shyamala.

4. Hari Teja:

Hari Teja

Hari She is one of the most charming and popular TV performers thanks to her flawless reincarnation into characters and jolly character. Dancer, anchor and Telugu TV actress Hari Teja are multi-talented. Her successful acting career started by “Manasu Mamatha” on ETV. Hari Teja, who features in leading serials like “Abhishekam,” has bagged fans due to her energetic and eclectic performances. Hari Teja is known for her passion and skill to play every role in the Telugu TV series.

5. Manju Bhargavi:

Manju Bhargavi

The beautiful veteran Manju Bhargavi is still holding eyes tight on her. Must be having the grace and capacity to perform in all the roles of the serials telecasted on ETV. She is always attractive on the screen with her mysterious mode of acting on the screen. Manju Bhargavi is an Indian actress who worked in the Telugu film industry and on television for years. She’s appreciated for “Yamaleela – Aa Taruvatha,” a Telugu series.

6. Sithara:


The beauty and performance of Sithara make ETV serials shine. Her emotive, varied performances engaged the audience. The extraordinary combination of a beautiful smile with attractive charisma makes Sithara a cinema diva. She then moved on to acting as a career and worked on “Swathi Chinukulu,” “Mouna Raagalu,” and “Ee Tharam Katha.” Sithara has turned out to be an epitome of a serious and sophisticated Telugu TV drama actress because of her emotional and character depth.

7. Preeti Nigam:

Preeti Nigam

Preeti Nigam’s beauty and performance shine in ETV serials. Preeti, who gives her characters substance, fascinates audiences with her personality and varied performances. With her interesting Telugu serial roles, Preeti Nigam is famous. Her many characters have charmed audiences. ETV serials showcase Preeti Nigam’s performance and audience connection, making her a Telugu TV star.

8. Ashmita Karnani:

Ashmita Karnani

Ashmita Karnani, an ETV series rising star, is elegant and beautiful in every scene, creating an impression. Her poise onstage and offmake her a notable Telugu actor. Ashmita Karnani’s portrayal of her characters’ emotions is captivating. Ashmita, born in Rajasthan in 1981, started on Telugu TV with “Padmavyuham” and has starred in over 15 episodes on ETV Telugu, Gemini TV, and Star Maa.

9. Sujitha:


Timeless beauty and beauty of the screens land Sujitha as a favorite among the ETV serials. A blend of attractive looks with beautiful acting skills is valued in the Telugu television industry. Beautiful smile and charming beauty make Sujitha very attractive onscreen and secure her professional status. She is a famous South Indian actress who has performed in “Srikrishna Leelalu” and “Geethanjali.” Sujitha’s many presences in Telugu TV shows have made her get a large fan base.

10. Manjula Paritala:

The beauty and character of Manjula Paritala makes her get into ETV serials. Just the presence of Manjula on the screen will make the serial to great heights. She is good at doing powerful and at the same time relatable personalities. Manjula Paritala came to be recognized as “Lakshmi” in “Amrutham.” In “Chandramukhi,” “Chandralekha.


This is all about the beauty and talent as reflected by these 10 beautiful actresses through the ETV serials and we felicitate them not just for earning success to their shows but also for giving the new definition for the beauty over the television screen in India. And in 2024, these actresses are the ones to whom the true diva charm and grace have come back to the screen. Talent mixed with timeless beauty continues to make a long impression on the heart of viewers from all around the nation.

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