10 Most Beautiful Bangladeshi Actresses

Bangladesh is an epitome of culture and heritage, and it has a reservoir of some of the extremely talented personalities who have not only adorned the entertainment business of the country but have left the everlasting mark of their beauty and elegance. Bangladesh actresses are known to be stunning and cuddly with international beauties. With names being cross-border beauties, they are sought after all over the world. The actresses are physically attractive, be adorned by beautiful skin that tops their allurement. As we go on the journey of 2024, this is the time to celebrate the beautiful actresses of Bangladesh who justly interwined talent with breathtaking beauty. Let us delve into the profiles of the 10 most beautiful Bangladeshi actresses who not only brighten screens but also viewer hearts in 2024.

Bangladeshi Actress Name List

1. Alisha Pradhan:

Alisha Pradhan

Alisha Pradhan is versatile, beautiful, and talented. Elegance and calmness seem to be imbibed in the rising star of the industry. Alisha shines in Bangladeshi Alisha Pradhan is recognized for Bangladeshi cinema in the case of being an actress, TV host, and businesswoman. She has initiated her modeling at the age of 14 and got highlighted for advertising and early TV series. She has received the Best Actress and Best Debutante in “Antaranga” under the late ChashiNazrul Islam’s direction. Instances are in “69 Patla Khan Le”, “Bhul Jodi Hoy”, “EitoBhalobasa” and “PremerKajol”

2. MahiyaMahi:


In 2024, Bangladeshi cinema classic MahiyaMahi captivates audiences with its beauty and brilliance. Fans idolize her for her grace and cleverness. Her beautiful smile and expressive eyes make Mahi a movie star. MahiyaMahi’s charisma lures viewers. Her impeccable acting talents make her one of Bangladesh’s most successful actresses. She effortlessly masters her roles, creating a lasting impression. Mahi became famous by attending many schools due to her father’s work movements. Her early talent for performing in school events propelled her to the pinnacle of Bangladeshi entertainment.

3. Puja Cherry:

Puja Cherry

Puja Cherry is one of the most beautiful actresses of 2024 and she does well in Bangladeshi films. Her ethereal beauty along with easy acting gains popularity. Born on August 20, 2000, entertainment sensation Puja Cherry had the lead role in “Pormon 2,” which showed off her acting talents and career milestone. This lady is noted for hard ethic and personal growth. Young and talented Puja Cherry has achieved professional success.

4. SabilaNur:


SabilaNur is a Bangladeshi cinema gem because to her beauty and personality. Her breathtaking beauty and compelling performances make her a sought-after actress in 2024. Sabila’s talent and attractiveness make her one of Bangladesh’s most popular performers. SabilaNur was famous in Dhallywood before joining movies. She became famous via successful advertising and TV shows showcasing her versatility and charisma. Modeling followed Sabila’s college graduation. Her charm and versatility make her a famous face for commercial companies like Graminphone, Bangladesh’s leading cellular provider. Sabila’s film debut expanded her impact in Bangladeshi entertainment beyond her wealth. Her beauty and acting ability captivate people.

5. NusratFaria:


NusratFaria, a beautiful and brilliant Bangladeshi actress, stays prominent in 2024. Her gorgeous looks and active personality made her a Bangladeshi entertainment icon. Nusrat, one of the country’s most beautiful and gifted performers, can alter roles without losing her appeal. NusratFaria started modeling on a BTV discussion show. This move helped her flourish in entertainment, where her beauty and personality were soon noticed. NusratFaria,is a beautiful Bangladeshi girl. Social media posts show her age-defying beauty.

6. NailaNayem:


NailaNayem is one of the most attractive Bangladeshi actors of 2024 because to her bold and beautiful personality. On and off screen, her confidence and seduction captivate. NailaNayem, a Bangladeshi entertainment industry pioneer, redefines elegance and beauty. NailaNayem, one of Bangladesh’s highest-paid performers, began modeling like many others. During her successful modeling career, she was cast in “Run Out” and started acting. Naila’s versatility earned her other employment after the film’s success.

7. ShirinAkterShila:


Her grace and beauty make ShirinAkterShila one of Bangladeshi cinema’s most appealing actors in 2024. Her charm and grace make her an inspiration for many performers. Shirin is known for her ability to portray several characters while looking lovely.Stunning model and beauty legend ShirinAkterShila is Miss Universe Bangladesh behind the camera. Her 2019 coronation gave her national attention as one of the “Most Stunning Ladies.” Shirin’s beauty at 24 won over Bangladeshis across.

8. MehzabienChowdhary:


MehzabienChowdhary is beautiful and talented in 2024. Her iconic eyes and enticing smile have won over audiences. One of Bangladesh’s most renowned performers, Mehzabien is ageless and can portray several characters. Mehzabien became a prominent Bangladeshi model and actress after attending a 2009 beauty contest. She easily joined television and advertising after this turning point, when her attractiveness made her renowned.

9. Jaya Ahsan:

Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan’s perennial beauty and exceptional acting talents draw spectators in 2024. Her classic beauty and depth of character have garnered praise. Bangladeshi cinema veteran Jaya is beautiful, elegant, and brilliant. In Bangladeshi cinema, Jaya Ahsan is one of the oldest heroines who establishes trends. In addition to performing, she models and produces. Jaya won Bangladesh National Movie Awards’ Best Debutant for “Guerrilla.” Her industry-changing efforts earned her four national honors. Jaya Ahsan’sBengali films show her versatility and cross-cultural appeal. Her performances in “Guerrilla,” “Aborto,” “Chorabali,” “Rajkahini,” and “Zero Degree” prove her talent.

10. KusumSikder:


KusumSikder is the most attractive Bangladesjson television actress in 2024. Grace and beauty of KusumSikder attract every viewer towards her while on the screen. Her fascinating expertise and natural attractiveness don’t let each of her performances go through without being noted. Top Bangladeshi television actress KusumSikder is working for about a decade. She came out in the field of entertainment as a great chef from Dhaka, Bangladesh, on February 16, 1982. KusumSikder is a great figure beyond acting in the Bangladeshi film. Before acting, she expressed her skill while singing at Dhallywood.


So, all the above-mentioned Bangladeshi actresses are some of the most popular and talented actresses of Bangladeshi cinema in the world, who are still making this world proud with their beauty, grace, and acting. These actresses are shining stars that sparkle the rich tapestry of talent and charms, taking up the pride of Bangladesh, as we move ahead through 2024. Not only do their contributions glamour the screen, but they also leave inspiration to countless admires, rendering these timeless icons in the hearts of the audience.

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