10 Beautiful Kooku Web Series Actress Name List

With bold story-telling and daring stories, Kooku today has become a brand in the world of online entertainment. The stories of this app along with lots of talented cast of web series’ actresses are turning into entertainment for the mass. Here’s taking a look at the top 10 stunning Kooku web series actresses turning as ripples in the year 2024. Kooku is entertainment specialized App that is supposed to get the users stimulated. This application has romance, humor, interesting drama web series and shows for adults. This pretty terrific app provides an individual with a weekly collection of special web series and short movies. The “try n buy” feature lets cautious customers watch free movies and web programs before buying premium series.

Kooku Web Series Actresses Name

1. Pihu Jaiswal:

Pihu Jaiswal

The Kooku world’s emerging star Pihu Jaiswal has won praise for her engaging performances. She is sought after for web series roles due to her engaging screen presence and versatile acting skills. A young Indian actress and model, Pihu Jaiswal was born in Jharkhand on March 30, 2003. This talented performer became famous for her beauty and talents. Authentically portraying characters has made Pihu Jaiswal a celebrity. Her compelling screen presence makes her stand out. In “Nayee Padosan,” “X Girlfriend,” and “Photoshoot,” Pihu Jaiswal acts.

2. Rajsi Verma:

Rajsi Verma

Kooku fans recognize Rajsi Verma for her mesmerizing screen presence and talents. Variety has garnered her plaudits and a dedicated following. Kooku actress Rajsi Verma is one of the most interesting internet series actors. Rajsi Verma, born October 11, 1987, in Mumbai, India, debuted in 2017 with a supporting role in “Beiimaan Love.” However, her web series debut made her famous. Rajsi, Kooku’s most attractive and entertaining performer, helps the site grow. Rajsi Verma’s delicate and honest portrayal of different personalities displays her versatility.

3. Neelam Bhanushali:

Neelam Bhanushali

Neelam Bhanushali influenced Kooku with her beauty and performance. Her ability to offer characters depth and honesty sets her apart in the ever-changing web series business. The sensual Neelam Bhanushali featured in Kooku’s “Chicken Curry.” She proved her stardom in this series. She left an impression in various Punjabi videos as a guest star. The fifth season of the famous web series “Gandii Baat.” introduced AltBalaji player Neelam Bhanushali. This major effort demonstrated her versatility and made her popular with audiences.

4. Abha Paul:

Abha Paul

Kooku web series star Abha Paul is charming and brilliant. Her versatility and comfort in altering roles and genres make her a fan favorite and industry staple. Kooku online series actress Abha Paul is recognized for her acting and adult web series roles. Abha may change identities and act subtly, captivating spectators. Fans love her depth and flexibility as an actor. Abha Paul got recognized for her stunning performance in Kooku, a viral success. She became one of the most sought-after performers following this triumph. Fans anticipate her next task because of her enduring effect.

5. Ankita Dave:

Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave’s magnetism onscreen has helped her rise quickly in Kooku’s vibrant realm. Her charisma and emotional depth make her one of the most promising performers, enhancing her appeal. Due to her web series success, Ankita is a budding Indian cinema star. She became famous nationwide after appearing in the Kooku online series. Due to her beauty and talent, she represents Indian entertainment’s future. Ankita Dave rose to fame in Kooku’s web series.

6. Sonia Singh Rajput:

Sonia Singh Rajput

Sonia Singh Rajput’s Kooku web series performances have been charismatic. Her dedication and ability to connect with audiences make her an industry leader. Sonia is a fave actress. As the host of “Baby Sitter 2,” Sonia exhibited her acting and screen presence. Her beauty and figure increase her on-screen appeal and garner a wide and dedicated fans. Fans eagerly await her web series performances. While beautiful, Sonia is also known for her acting. She is regarded and attractive in digital entertainment for her daring and seductive on-camera performances

7. Rekha Mona Sarkar:

Rekha Mona Sarkar

Rekha Mona Sarkar is famous for her beauty and performance in Kooku web series. Fans love her complex characters, making her a standout in digital entertainment. This talented actress is Rekha Mona Sarkar, born October 2, 1995, in West Bengal, India. The 2019 Kooku episode “Shaadi Vivah” transformed her career when she portrayed the show’s protagonist, a newlywed navigating marriage. Her first performance was a smash, making her platform favorite.

8. Alendra Bill:

Alendra Bill

Alendra Bill’s Kooku web series debut is notable. Her fascinating performances and natural acting skills have captivated audiences, leaving an indelible mark on each role. Alendra Bill’s charisma onscreen has won over fans. Online drama “Doctor Gupta,” starring Alendra, was well-received. She has been cast in online series due to her talent. Her over 25 series make her a sought-after actor and model. Alendra started her career with “Cull Paani Chalka,” which helped her succeed. New Delhi roots lend her on-screen appearance depth and sincerity.

9. Rekha Chaudhary:

Rekha Chaudhary

Rekha Chaudhary’s Kooku web series career is marked by her natural acting. Her nuanced performances and passion are renowned in the industry. Rekha Chaudhary acts, models, and stars on TikTok. She got renowned on TikTok for her captivating dance videos. With her newfound celebrity, online series producers wanted her for key roles. Rekha debuted in “PlantPure Nation” and quickly appeared in “Khidki” and other online series. Kooku is enthusiastically worn by Rekha Chaudhary, a rising spicy web series star. In Kooku’s “Chull – Room Service” she stars with variety and bravery, earning applause. Audiences love how she plays difficult characters with honesty and grace. Kooku web series demonstrates Rekha’s acting abilities and courage in portraying diverse roles.

10. Nidhi Mahawan:

Nidhi Mahawan

In Kooku web series, charismatic and talented Nidhi Mahawan plays a key part. She dazzles online with her capacity to express several emotions. Nidhi Mahawan, from Delhi, India, started in fashion before acting. Her 2016 film debut in “Kanha” garnered attention, but her web show role made her famous. In 2020 Kooku web serial “My Cousin Sister,” Nidhi Mahawan played a love triangle-torned lady. Her complex and diverse serial performance made her a famous online performer. Nidhi’s shift from fashion to acting shows her adaptability and emotional understanding.


Here are the top 10 beautiful actresses who are leading the world of Kooku web series, and through their talent, charisma and dedication have proven to be a great asset to this thriving world. As this industry marches forward, these actresses surely be the game changers and would play pivotal role in determining future of digital entertainment with all prepared for their next spell-binding performances.

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