10 Beautiful Ullu Web Series Actress Name List

Discover some of the most sesual Ullu web series actress. Indian popular OTT platform Ullu is rocking the market of web series with its engaging content. Beautifully talented performers, who bring out characters to life, made this platform a success. The talented actresses give the credit of the success of the web series. These actresses get credited for the success of Ullu online series hence getting good payouts for working in these series. Beautiful, talented, and hot women are cast in Ullu online series. These ladies provide captivating sequences that enhance Ullu web series popularity. They performance are quite admired and have their own large numbers of fans. Ullu in the year 2024 remains as a streaming powerhouse with gripping web series.

Ullu Web Series Actresses Name

1. Payal Patil:

Payal Patil

Ullu fans love Payal Patil’s beauty and perfect performance. She impresses audiences with her beauty and expertise in famous internet programs. Ullu fans adore Payal’s versatility and on-screen presence. India-born Actress and social media influencer Payal Patil is famous. But her role as Renu in the Ullu web serial “Secretary,” made her renowned. The series was financially and critically successful, with Payal’s performance praised. Her versatility is seen in “Kitty Party” and “Jalebi Bai.” Payal is famous on social media and in entertainment. Her beauty and style make her popular in fashion publications and websites.

2. Ritu Pandey:

Ullu web series star Ritu Pandey is a rising star with amazing beauty and captivating performances. Her talent made her an industry legend. Ritu shines in romance and suspense. Her charm and versatility make her a popular Ullu web series actress. Shyna Khatri, a dynamic Indian actress and model, enhances the entertainment business as Shanaya Khatri. In “Karzdaar,” “Kaam Purush,” “Paglet 2,” and “Pehredaar,” Shyna is renowned. She has numerous followers for her beauty and talent.

3. Shyna Khatri:

Shyna Khatri

Shyna Khatri’s stunning looks and talent have made her an Ullu web series star. Her abilities inspire viewers and the camera adores her, making her a digital entertainment hit. Shyna’s internet series is famous because she can express many emotions. Indian actress and model Shyna (Shanaya Khatri) has a broad career. Her roles in “Karzdaar,” “Kaam Purush,” “Paglet 2,” and “Pehredaar” have been lauded.

4. Alpita Banika:

Alpita Banika’s beauty and talent make her an intriguing Ullu web series actress. Alpita offers her characters depth and honesty beyond beauty. Her charisma makes her stand out in the vibrant Ullu web series landscape. Alpita Kashyap, an Indian actress and model, captivates spectators with her beauty and ability. Her role in the Ullu web sitcom “Chull” (2023) earned Alpita fame for her genuineness. She stands out in Ullu web series with her extraordinary beauty and depth. Alpita Banika is popular on Instagram. Her beauty and ease draw devotees.

5. Tanisha Kanojia:

Tanisha Kanojia, a beautiful and graceful actress, is sought after for Ullu web series. Tanisha’s ability to portray present and historical personalities seamlessly has won both critics and fans. Her beauty and acting talent make her a powerhouse. Tanisha, as Pihu Kanojia, is an Indian model and actor in Ullu and other OTT web series. Her Ullu, Boom films, and Kooku roles made her renowned. “Sursuri-Li” and “Charmsukh (Tawa Garam)” boosted Tanisha’s digital entertainment career. Tanisha Kanojia’s career spans OTT platforms. Her beauty and acting ability make her a powerhouse in internet shows.

6. Paromita Dey:

The captivating screen presence has made Paromita Dey an Ullu web series star. Her sensuality and depth make her a standout performer. Her complex personalities have won accolades and fans. Paromita Dey, an Indian radio DJ, showed her flexibility early on. Her varied career began with Bengali plays at 11. Her 2008 Bengali daily soap role was a career highlight. The talented Paromita could act, write, produce fashion, and sing. In 2015, “Tumse Na Ho Payega.” made Paromita Dey famous in Hindi online series. This helped her acquire web-based publishing skills.

7. Simran Khan:

Simran Khan

Simran’s beauty and acting has made her popular. Her character switching makes her a dynamic and respected performer. As Sabreena, Simran Khan is a talented Indian actress, model, and fashion influencer who has shaped Hindi online series. On-screen charm and fascinating performances have made Simran renowned. On August 6, 1994, Simran was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She started modeling and dancing. Dance is her strength besides acting. Simran’s captivating dancing and acting shows her flexibility.

8. Amika Shail:

Amika Shail

Amika Shail’s Ullu web series appearances have garnered attention. Beyond her attractiveness, Amika’s refreshing vitality makes her characters believable. Her beautiful and deep performances make her an Ullu star. Indian actress, singer, and model Amika Shail has influenced Hindi online series like Charmsukh (Tuition Teacher), Gandi Baat 5, and Rukhsati. Divya Drishti and Baal Veer were her major TV roles. Amika’s career is marked by her character depth and relatability. Her personality surpasses appearance, engaging with fans and making her a prominent role in Ullu web series.

9. Samita Paul:

Samita Paul

Samantha Paul’s attractiveness and acting ability make her a famous Ullu web series character. She stands known for her dramatic and passionate parts. Samita’s web series hinges on her charm. Kolkata-based model and actress Samita Paul excels in Hindi online series. She is notable for playing Nikki in the Ullu web drama “Desi Kisse,” opposite Mukti Bose. This role has earned Samita praise for her ability to fascinate audiences. Samita’s approximately 50 online series show her talent.

10. Bharti Jha:

Bharti Jha

Veteran actor Bharti Jha shaped Ullu online series. Her timeless beauty and seasoned acting make her compelling. Bharti’s ability to bring her characters to life has made her famous. A prominent Indian actress and model, Bharti Jha has acted in Bhojpuri films and web series. Bharti debuted in Bhojpuri movies and moved to OTT adult web series. Bharti Jha’s career is marked by her variety and public appeal. Her beauty and acting expertise set her apart in Ullu web series competition.


In the year 2024, there had the top 10 beautiful and talented actresses where glamour met skill with high elegance who created a high storm in the Ullu web series platform. So, as Ullu moves to create content that defines the new media age and captures the audience’s imagination, these actresses deserve some credit. With the beauty, talented and ability to lose the self in the skin of different characters, these actresses are definitely going to change the way people look for beauty and talent in the genre of web series.

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