10 Beautiful Traditional Engagement Dress for Couple

At the time of engagement, the fleeting moments become extremely happy and joyous for the couples. They tend to celebrate every moment of this event. For a proper celebration they choose the best attires to make themselves look special and ready. The dresses become their expressions of love and style as per the tradition and culture of the place. But which dresses? Here are the best 10 in the list for you.

Traditional Engagement Dress for Couple

1. Designer Anarkali and Three-Piece Suit

Designer Anarkali and Three-Piece Suit

Elegant couples who want a contemporary touch could wear designer Anarkalis and Three-Piece Suits for their engagement. The groom’s Three-Piece Suit is fitted, while her Anarkali is classic. Traditional and modern designs blend perfectly in this outfit. Indo-Western engagement attire is classy. The groom wears a dark blue formal suit and the bride a metallic Anarkali for their engagement. Structured suit and flowing Anarkali look beautiful and harmonious. The couple’s excellent taste and personalities come together in this celebration of love and flair. This Designer Anarkali and Three-Piece Suit might form an eye-catching engagement outfit.

2. Contrasting Lehenga and Purple Sherwani

Contrasting lehenga and purple sherwani make memorable engagements. The royal Purple Sherwani and vibrant Lehenga are elegant. Following the newest fashion trend, couples choose clashing clothing to make a statement. This theme helped the pair make a statement at their engagement party with contrasting lehenga and purple sherwani. This outfit is intriguing since it mixes old and modern. The velvet sherwani makes lehenga more ethnic. The amazing blend showcases the couple’s personality and two styles. Their engagement picture shows their style and dedication as they pose in contrasting yet complementing clothing. The vibrant lehenga and rich purple sherwani enhance the occasion’s regality.

3. Crop Top and Black Suit

Stylish Crop Tops and Black Suits combine modern and classic. Classic black suits and stylish Crop Tops are classy. Modern-traditional engagement dress seekers will love this unusual combination. Contemporary wedding couples would love this exquisite combo outfit. The formal suit, net crop top, and flowing skirt make a lovely contemporary romance costume. This outfit is stunning with its classic-modern combination. Modern net crop tops clash with black suits. Couple and guests like the great commitment style.

4. Floral Prints in Various Shades

Honor nature with variegated flower designs on your engagement dress. If she wears a flowery lehenga or guy wears a modest floral sherwani, this shows a love of nature and its brilliant colors. Couples love flowers because they reflect growing love and are beautiful and diverse. In a fast-changing fashion world, ethnic wear’s simplicity and timelessness appeal. Sardes and kurtas are timeless engagement clothes. A traditional crimson wedding saree with exquisite flower designs is lovely. Classic elegance and growing devotion are displayed here. A floral Nehru jacket may suit the groom.

5. Dusty Blue Sharara and Mustard Yellow Kurta

Dusty Blue Sharara and Mustard Yellow Kurta fit pastel engagement celebrations. This beautiful blend of moderate and warm colors energizes the gathering. Modern and chic, this option calms and delights engagement ceremonies. Dusty blue Sharara and bride’s tassel crop top are elegant. Brides look lovely in bright shararas. The attractive groom’s Mustard Yellow Kurta may complement the bride’s quiet tenderness. Mustard animates a lovely gathering. This pastel color matches the couple’s attire.

6. Pastel Kurta and Lehenga in Vibrant Shades

A pastel kurta and a bright lehenga create a magnificent visual symphony of elegance and enthusiasm. Perfect for an engagement party, this couple’s outfit mixes elegance and fun. The mix defies pastel gender preconceptions. Fuchsia pink bride’s lehenga may enhance the gathering. The groom may wear a pastel kurta to complement her and the mood. A cake-cutting ceremony emphasizes this unorthodox yet traditional couple’s attire. Bright lehenga and pastel kurta exhibit different personalities. This outfit beautifies cutting the engagement cake.

7. Formal Suit and Evening Gown

His formal tuxedo and her exquisite evening gown might bring western refinement to your engagement party. This elegant combination fits Hollywood-glamorous and traditional weddings. Formal outfits and evening dresses combine western elegance with traditional charm. Imagine your engagement party in this lovely couple clothing combo at your selected place. The groom’s formal outfit adds elegance, while the bride’s evening gown makes the event Hollywood’s most opulent.

8. Magenta Shade Saree and Matching Nehru Jacket

A Magenta Shade Saree with Nehru Jacket blends tradition and modern. Ideal for ethnically varied couples, the Nehru jacket modernizes the saree’s elegance. Traditional magenta sarees are bride favorites. The trendy, sleeveless gown is great for statement-making brides. Brides’ elegance may be matched with magenta floral Kurtis and Nehru jackets. Men may look stylish and ethnic with a floral Kurti and Nehru jacket.

9. Red Midi Dress and Black Suit

Her red midi dress and his black suit fit the couple’s relaxed elegance. This formal-casual outfit is perfect for an engagement party. Red and black stick out. To boost their stage appearance, the gorgeous pair matches their clothing with hues from this palette. The groom’s black suit and pants are classy. Red midi dresses may contrast with the groom’s black suit. Elegant and balanced, this decision mixes two styles.

10. A Combination of Blue Outfits

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and depth in relationships. A blue wedding lehenga, sherwani, or saree and suit shows these traits. This adaptable color palette may help couples achieve wedding serenity. Blue shines out in ethnic traditional engagement clothing. Casual elegance pairings look fantastic in matching outfits. The groom may appear dapper with pants and a blue blazer. This unexpected decision enhances the appearance without losing elegance. Brides may wear long blue gowns to match the groom’s cool look. This perfect harmony makes the couple appealing and coherent. This gorgeous suit reinvents engagement dress. They wear blue to symbolize their connection, ideals, and distinctiveness. The couple stands in blue at their engagement ceremony, peaceful and beautiful. This unusual yet delightful mix makes their wedding unique and demonstrates their desire for a celebration as intriguing as their love story.


Times have changed and along with that, more and more new dressing options have come forth. It is the combination of the new and old that is giving space to new and attractive attires for the couples. The options are wide and the accessories are also present as well. So it is the time to shine with the best looks and best dresses and celebrate this special occasion.

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