10 Most Funny Characters in Bollywood Movies

Comedians have a great share in making movies box office success, they are there for a reason in every cinematic universe. Bollywood comedians are known for their versatility and iconicity, and they are still mentioned in social media and memes. Even after decades, they are still relevant. Although comedy is the hardest to master, these Funny Bollywood characters have nailed their roles and lived their characters in the movies. Their passion for the art form was shown and appreciated over the years. We are certain you would recall some iconic scenes as you breeze through the article. So, let’s begin the pleasant journey.

Most Funny Bollywood characters

1. Paresh Rawal (Baburao):

Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal is known as a comedian, and his works are in Bollywood films, but he is a politician and film producer, too. He has appeared in over 240 movies and won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in Who Chokri and Sir. One of Paresh’s best performances was Hera Pheri, which was released in 2000. The movie made ₹17.8cr at the box office against a budget of ₹7.5cr. Although the movie has a lot of catchy dialogues and a wonderful plot, the movie was known and most appreciated for its comedy. We might not forget the reviews saying: Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty in the movies were great, but Paresh Rawal stole the show. They listed the movie in classical comedy movies like Andaz Apna Apna and “Jaane bhi do yaaro”.

Paresh Rawal was recognized in Andaz Apna Apna and made people turn their heads; he was a great comical surprise package. Overall, the movie’s hit was due to the solid performances of Paresh Rawal and the protagonists.

2. Rajpal Yadav (Chote Pandit):

Bhool Bhulaiya, the horror comical movie, also a horror comedy, was known for its plot and music. There were a lot of minor character roles across the movie, and all of them were so memorable and comical. But the most significant of all was the role of Raj Pal Yadav, who played the role of Chote Pandit. His physical comedy, prompt dialogue delivery, and expressions proved that a fine actress doesn’t need a script. His dialogue delivery and acting were smooth and natural, which made the movie step up.

Bhool Bhulaiya revolved around the haunted space of the house, and the plot was very serious, too. But the performances of the two comedians in the movie gave a wonderful relief to the audience. The movie’s success has paved the way for its sequels, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and 3, which were officially announced with the teaser in March 2023 and are expected to be released on Diwali 2024.

3. Nana patekar (Uday Shetty):

The movie Welcome may not have been a super hit when it was released in theatres, but the critics have panned the movie for its mind-numbing comedy and declared it a blockbuster. Over time, the movie was recognized as the second highest-grossing film of the year, and the crowd appreciated the ensemble cast of Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal, Mallika Sherawat, and Feroz Khan. Some hilarious scenes, such as Stepping in the Hand, Aloo Lelo… scenes were filled with intense comedy and were recognized as fantastic film scenes. We might not have forgotten some scenes, such as the painting of animals and the catchphrase “Abhi hum Zinda Hain”. Such iconic phrases, “Control Uday” and others, were still quoted on the internet and embraced by every movie lover worldwide. The performances of Nana Patekar and his lines were an emotionally provoking and wonderful addition to the movie.

4. Anil Kapoor(Majnu Bhai):

Performances of Anil Kapoor as Manju bhai was also recognized as one of the iconic performances in Welcome. Manju bhai is often paired with Uday Shetty, and all loved their combination performances. The majority of audiences have commanded Manju Bhai and the combo; they were recognized as extremely funny in Welcome. Every audience agreed that.

Anil Kapoor Played the role more convincingly than any other cast in the movie, and the crew gave him the right wardrobe, and his expressions matched the role perfectly, and the entire audience had their bellies the whole time.

5. Javed Jeffrey (Manav):

The movie Dhamaal gave the most under-rated actor, Javed Jaffrey- the movie offered him the perfect opportunity and character. The innocent mistakes and his dumb wittedness made the audience laugh their hearts pout. Above all, his role made the whole movie and is the most crucial element in the plot.

His character revolves around his outwardness towards helping his friends, who get into danger often; this is considered the most- witty addition to the movie and hilarious. Some of the well-recognized critics commented that Dhamaal was recognized as one joyride that kept the investors smiling, where the movie wasted no time on unnecessary songs and romantic tracks. Overall, the movie’s success is that it makes everybody laugh and is just what we need to make our day.

6. Shakthi Kapoor (Crime-Master Go-Go):

The ever-green Andaaz Apna Apna, released in 1994, featured memorable characters like Prem, Amar, Teja, and Robert. The character Crime Master Go Go made some of the movie’s most hilarious expressions and dialogues. Especially Shakthi Kapoor as the Crime-Master, said, “Crime Master Go Go Naam hai Mera, Ankhe Niklake Gotiyan Khelta hu,” was considered one of the iconic lines of Hindi cinema. Who would forget the lines of Andaaz Apna Apna? The comical classic of all times!

7. Omi Vaidya (Silencer):

The character Chatur, played by Omi Vaidya in 3 Idiots, was iconic and can never be replaced. The character was annoying, but the character’s quirky behavior and pettiness made the character wholesome and hilarious. The stage speech and the movie’s first half comprised the best comedy scenes. The movie got higher recognition in the South when it was remade with leading South actors. The weightage of the movie was entirely carried by the comical character, which brought the movie success.

8. Govinda(Babla):

The movie Bhagam Bhag, released in 2006, got a lot of appreciation for his comical role in the movie, his quirks, and his comic traits. The majority of the audience loved the overall plot and found it hilarious. However, Govinda excelled in performing, showing his expressions and physical signatures, and trying his very best to bring the character to life.

Although the movie didn’t get enough recognition for its comical lines and scenes when it was released, it attained the highest ratings. Some leading critics have admitted that the movie connects audiences of all aspects and has some of the best BGMs in the industry. The director of the movie selected some of the best locations. The scenes were very well connected, and the comedies have created rib tickles.

9. Akshay kumar(Raju):

Akshay Kumar as Raju has spawned Bollywood memes, and truly, the character is most memorable and quotable due to the catchphrases. Even after decades, the movie and the character Raju are so relatable. Although the actor started his film career as an action hero, he has proven to the world that he has talent and is the king of comedy. The dialogue deliveries and the wholesome character Raju made the movie a super duper hit.

10. Sanjay dutt(Munna Bhai):

The iconic movie Vasool Raja MBBS was remade in Bollywood as Munna Bhai MBBS in 2003, where Sanjay Dutt played the protagonist. His comical antics, the heartwarming approach to life, and the light dialogue deliveries made the entire film a hit. The film has gotten more recognition due to the real father and son duo, Sunil and Sanjay, appearing on the silver screen together after over 10 years, which has created a major stir in the industry.


There is a perception among the audience that Bollywood makes very few movies based on comedy; it could be true to a certain extent as people are bored with dramas. The movie makers have navigated to a place where the audiences are served with comedy and a strong plot. Also, movies comprising slapstick comedies need to be better received at the box office. Audiences are more concerned with social problems and are inclined towards watching movies that add some value to society.

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