5 Best Air Blower in India 2023 [For Multipurpose Work]

An air blower is a simple machine to blow high-velocity air. These machines work in electricity Air blowers are used for the cleaning of dust from the corners of the rooms and offices. You can also use air blowers for the cleaning of a large number of leaves. The working mechanism of air blowers is the same as the vacuum cleaner but in the reverse direction.

Best Buy Air Blower in India

There are many types of air blowers are available in the market based on size and power. Thus, it is not an easy task to choose the standard one. The best air blowers for this year are described below.

How Does it Work?

An air blower has one of the simplest designs which makes your daily work easier. If you have never used an air blower and wondering that how does it work, then learning about a few basic things is necessary.

  • When a fan rotates (any type of fan), it pushes air. The direction of push will depend upon the angle of fan blades and rotational direction (anti-clockwise or clockwise).
  • Similarly, the air blower has a powerful motor inside which is connected to the fan. As you turn on the air blower, the fan rotates at a higher speed.
  • With the AC air blowers, the power is converted into DC power through the help of many transistors and relays. Then the converted power is supplied to the motor.
  • With the increase in voltage, the speed of the air blower will increase. However, there is a limit to the motor and exceeding the limit can burn electrical components. So, manufacturers set limits within for the power required.
  • The speed is calculated through the rotation per minute factor. The faster the blade rotates, the better push it will create.
  • When the blade rotates, it intakes air from the side of the air blower. With the circular motion, air start drifting into the rotating blades.
  • These blades keep on getting more air from the intakes and then keep pushing in the oriented direction. When the blade rotates at a higher speed, it produces thrust.
  • This is how the air blower works. The mechanism is simple, but many things are working together to do the same job.

In case you are using a handheld air blower with a rechargeable battery option, the mechanism is still the same except for power connectivity. The motor is connected to a rechargeable battery and it works on the previous mechanism.

1. Stanley STPT600

Stanley STPT600

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Stanley STPT600 is an air blower with a variable speed controller. The air blower has a dynamic design with a yellow body and a long black nozzle. This machine has a 600 W motor, which consumes less power on working. This machine is also lightweight and the weight of the machine is gentry distributed in the whole body.

Stanley air blower is not just an air blower but it works also as a vacuum cleaner. It means you can use this machine also as a vacuum cleaner. The air blower has a compact design for better handling and transportation.

You can use it for house cleaning as well as industrial cleaning. Manufacturers also take care of the safety of the consumer because it has a hand lock system along with the rubber nozzle. Thus, is the best air blower for 2021.

Pros Cons
2 in one machine, works as both air blower and vacuum cleaner. Comparatively high price.
Variable airspeed of the blower.  
The small and powerful motor of 600 W.  
Compact and dynamic design for ease in handling.  
Lock on the button for user safety.  
1-year manufacturer warranty with the product.  

2. Jakmister 600 W

Jakmister 600 W

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Jakmister 600 W is an air blower machine with a 600 w powerful motor. This is a strong and lightweight product with a dynamic design. The air blower is made up of unbreakable plastic which is used for making a lightweight final product. This is a standard size air blower mainly used for the cleaning of dust in the  PC.

This product is available in the stylish red and black colour combination. Its powerful motor produces 15000 RPM speed of the fan, which provides a turbo high-speed air velocity. This motor provides an amazing ait blowing speed of approx. 70 miles/hour.

You can also use it for cleaning the floor of the garage, sidewalks, clearing dust from the car, and for a touch less drying of the car. It is power efficient and safe in used thus, can fulfil your needs.

Pros Cons
The lock is provided on the button for contrast in airflow. Change the carbon brushed regularly to avoid damage to the motor.
Beautiful and stylish design with static handling.  
Easy to handle.  
Its service is easy.  
6-month warranty on the manufacturer defects by the Jakmister.  

3. Cheston CHB-30

Cheston CHB-30

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Cheston air blowing machine comes with natural green colour on the plastic body. The whole body of this machine is made of high standard plastic, which is durable, strong and rustproof. Another reason for using plastic for the product is to make a lightweight product for the ease of the user.

A long, flexible and detachable nozzle is also there for flexibility in the work. This nozzle is black. This is a small and lightweight product which make it highly portable. The power consumption of this machine is just 500 W which means that it has a 500 W powerful motor. The motor works on the 220 V and 50 Hz electric supply.

The powerful motor provides a powerful fan rotation speed of 14000 RPM, to give you a high speed and powerful burst of the air. Cheston air blower is one of the best for you.

This is a compact and lightweight product with Just 1.4 kg weight. Don’t use the machine for more than 10 minutes.
It provides a powerful fan speed of 14000 RPM.  
Low power consumption.  
Made up of high-quality material.  
The air blower is durable and long-lasting.  
Come with the 6-month manufacturer warranty.  

4. Elmico air blower

Elmico air blower

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Elmico provides a powerful heavy-duty air blowing machine. You can use the air blower for up to 25 minutes. There is versatility in the use of the air blower, you can use it as a PC cleaner, room cleaning, car cleaning and for cleaning corners of the offices.

In this air blower, 100% copper wired armature is used in the motor. This copper wiring helps in the production of the energy-efficient motor. So, this air blower is energy efficient. There is a dynamic design of fans to make a powerful burst of the air.

This is a lightweight product with just 1 kg weight. This air blower has come in the yellow-black colour combination, which seems too beautiful on it. A black coloured nozzle is also provided for reaching the small and deep areas of the room. The curve on the mouth of the nozzle helps in the cleaning of the corners. It is a maintenance tool useful in maintenance PC and air conditioners.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty machine for long-lasting work. Don’t use it in the rainy season for safety reasons.
100 % copper armature.  
Strong and lightweight product with dynamic design.  
A powerful and energy-efficient motor.  

5. Dewalt DWB800

Dewalt DWB800

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Dewalt DWB800 is a powerful air blowing machine. This machine contains a powerful motor of 600 W, which is energy efficient. In this model of air blower, speed variability is also provided by the manufacturer. The speed controller of the air is near the handle at the upside, to easily reach it at the time of using this machine. 1, 2, 3 is labelled on the scroll bar of the speed button.

Air blower in the amazing colour combination of yellow and black with the black colour nozzle. Dewalt air Blower is a very lightweight product, with just 0.8 kg. The airflow rate of this air blower is 4.5 along with the 2.5 mcm suction capacity. The best part about Dewalt is, it is one of the reputed brands with excellent after-sale services.

A rubber handle is also there at the handle of the air blower for maximum grip. The selection of Dewalt also provides you with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 

Pros Cons
The air blower has a simple design with a lightweight body. No cons were reported yet.
Easy to use with better grip.  
High portability is also there because of its light and well-distributed weight.  
The air supply is excellent enough for various jobs.  
Highly versatile.  
Two years- huge warranty.  
Completely sealed for protection from the dust.  

 How to Choose the Best Air Blower?

As you read earlier, air blowers make the job of cleaning easier and save lots of effort. It allows you to remove debris and dust from every nook of the home.  The right size and design help in faster and easy cleaning. There are various aspects to keep in mind while buying air blowers. Some of them include blade size, power capacity, ergonomic design, and build-quality and so on. However, choosing the right air blower can be difficult when buying for the first time.  After knowing about important aspects, you can easily buy the right air blower on your own. .  Let’s take a look at these important aspects.

Firstly make sure which air blower will be preferred

There are mainly seven types of air blower namely: handheld, backpack, walk behind, battery type fuel type, Electric and Gas type.

Backpack Air blower

This type of blower is slightly bigger than others. Also, it offers extra battery power.

Handheld Air Blower 

It is designed in such a manner to use only in lawns, tiny yards and farms. It is very easy to hold, as it is compact and handy.

Walk-Behind Air Blower 

They have a large size, thus requiring extra efforts to push it when using.

Fuel Type 

This is not a specific type, only includes gas, electric and battery or other air blower categories.


As the name implies, it can be used through gases. This type of air blower is mainly used in industrial areas. It is one of the efficient types of air blower.


Air blower equipped with an air blower is ideal for beginners. It has a limited run duration. For a shorter period, you can buy this type of air blower.

Coded or Electric

This type of air blower can operate through electricity. In this type of air blower, you can find various designs and sizes in the Indian market.

Here we are going to discuss some of the other major aspects

Should be noise-free

The first thing that you should consider is the noise level of an air blower. For better and long-lasting use, you can pick an air blower with less noise production.  An air blowerwith minimal noise keeps you’re around calm and relaxed. People having ear pain problems must use noise-free air blowers for eliminating troublesome experiences.  The noise produced by the air blower depends upon the overall design also. So, going with a reputed brand and a well-known model can ease up in this factor.

Must be low power consumption

Another aspect considered when buying an air blower is power consumption. The right air blow consumes less electricity, so you can significantly save on electricity bills. Thus, you should choose the air blower with 620 W or more than it. With 620 W, an air blower contributes towards the maximum air blow force. Choosing a high power air blower can come in handy with most types of jobs, but you will end up spending a hefty amount. The cost of using an air blower for a couple of minutes can be devastating.

Nozzle should be wide

For proper flow, an air blower with a wider nozzle is the most perfect option. While the small air blower is only used to reduce dust from home, on the other hand, a wider and larger air blower is suitable for both inside and outside cleaning. There are long nozzles and other accessories also available to help you get the best in class deal over the other options. So, always choose a brand that provides a long and wide nozzle with the air blower.

Mile Per Hour (MPH)

The speed of the air blower is one of the most considered aspects. You should measure flow in Miles per hour to make sure how much air exists in the air blower. Buyers must be noted that start checking with maximum speed. The maximum speed of the air blower is generally mentioned in the product description.

Volume of Air

The last and important aspect is the volume of air which will be measured through Cubic-feet per Metre. The maximum volume of air allows better and faster cleaning. To clean the computer, you will need a low CFM blower. But for large lawns and parks, you should have an air blower with higher CFM. The CFM value is an essential factor and you can take a close look at numbers to understand that which one is better.

Choose Brand

The Indian market is full of amazing brands and choosing a reliable brand is an essential task. Buying an air blower from reputed brands like Dewalt, Elmico, Stanly and such other famous options ensure the best purchase. You can get an excellent value for money deal under a certain budget along with genuine after-sale services from the manufacturer.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

No doubt that air blowers are simple in design and easy to use, but they might be heavier in terms of weight. When the air blower is heavy, you can have a hard time using it for more than a couple of minutes. So, it would be an optimal choice to buy an air blower that can offer you similar functionality for a lightweight body. Even, choosing compact air blower can provide ease of storage which can help in several ways.

Check Reviews

To get the best in class product, comparing some of the best air blowers from different brands can come in handy. You can sort out the right one by checking its build quality, features and functionality reviews from the previous user. It will certainly guide you to understand the good and the bad part of a specific product you are looking after.

Air Blower Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the major tips for protecting the blower from corrosion and rust?

Protecting an air blower is not as difficult as you think. To keep your blower safe from rust and corrosion caused by the gases inside, you’ll require special coatings and materials. They can be added to increase their durability. However, rusting inside the blower is a major concern for many users as it can affect the speed of the blower and make it less functional. Ask the expert what machine oil as well as parts used to protect the blower from rust.

  1. What causes the blower to overheat?

Major reasons for excess heat in the blower’s casings, bearings, and overall frame include:

  • Inadequate lubrication
  • Inlet filler of blower is causing amplify in pressure in the blower of it has become restricted.
  • When your blower is operated at the inverter, it slows the blower to the point where insufficient cold air enters the inlet.
  • When the blower valve has jammed in the closed position or has been placed incorrectly.
  • The built-in ventilation fan has failed or the acoustic enclosure or building is closed.
  • Due to the restriction in a conveying line, the pressure has changed in the system. Or, there is a rise in water depth in sewage treatment.
  1. What is the difference between a side channel blower, a roots type blower, and a turbo blower in terms of performance?

Roots-type blower operates up to 1000 bar and performance limitations are airflow from 0 to 20000 m3 per/hr, a side channel blower operates up to 750 mbar and limitations are airflow from 0 to 20000 m3/hr. And, turbo blower operates up to 4000 mbar and limitations are airflows from 180 to 31200 m3/hr.

  1. Which brand is best for the air blower?

Following are some of the best air blower brands:

  • Ibell Air blower 600W
  • Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air Blower
  • Foster FEB-650VBL Corded Vacuum Variable Speed Air Blower
  • Elmico Guaranteed Motor Heavy-Duty Electric Blower
  • STANLEY 600W Variable Blower
  • Jakmister 800 Watts Copper Air Blower
  1. What are the types of air blowers?

Some of the most popular air blowers include rotary lobe positive displacement blowers, regenerative blowers or single-stage blowers, turbine-type blowers/high-speed centrifugal blowers, and multiple stage centrifugal blowers.

  1. How much does an air blower cost in India?

You are expected to invest Rs 600 on a cheap quality air blower whereas a quality blower can cost anywhere between Rs 4000 to 7000.

Final Note

Whether you are looking after an air blower to blow leaves or you want it for your shop, it provides great versatility. The purchase of a reliable air blower might be tricky due to an array of brands and design options, but staying selective with brands and budgets can help you figure out the perfect option.

Make sure that you choose a brand that offers long term warranty to ensure that you are getting the best product. Meanwhile, going through the buying guide will help you figure out a genuine option for your specific requirement. We hope that you have an excellent time selecting and using an air blower in your daily life.

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