The Best Back Support for Office Chair in India

Back pain has become a major health problem in India, around 50% of people in India experience back pain due to long sitting hours in most cases. Muscles tension & stiffness in the back can harm work productivity.

 It can affect any age group of people which can be caused due to poor sleeping position, bad posture, lifestyle, stress, smoking, disability, and more. Choosing the right back support for the office chair can helps sitting posture and give relief in pain for prolonged hours.

However, long hours sitting enhances the stress on your spinal discs and back muscles, which can aggravate back pain. By using back support, you can improve your posture and aligns your back & neck.

Regular chairs don’t provide a twisting backrest. Using back support in between the office chair seat and the body aligns your neck and spine straight. It distributes the weight, provides relief from the back and supports your shoulder back. Moreover, it will allow you to move around quickly without the need to extend and strain.

There is a plethora of back support to choose from, but choosing the best can be a difficult task. To make your selection easy, we have shortlisted the best back support available on Amazon.

Back Support

List of Best Back Support for Office Chair in India

How To Choose The Best Back Support For Office Chair

Head Support

Head support is an extension of your supportive seat. It can be a soft pillow headrest or a foam arch that supports the spine in your neck. No memory foam is advised to use as it quickly shapes back to its original form.

Adjustable Neck

Long working hours can wear out your neck condition; you need to lean back to straighten your neck muscles while working to maintain better wellness. The neck of your chair should be a little flexible and adjustable for movements.

Shoulder Support

The backrest is designed to support your entire backbone to give you support and reassurance. The backrest should be broad to hold your shoulders evenly. Prolonged uneven shoulder suspension may induce discomfort and joint pain.

Adjustable Armrest

Armrest helps you take ease when you are working under a massive workload. You should be able to adjust your armrest forward, backward, up, and down to relax your arm when you are exhausted and need a little support to take a breath.

Back Support

The lumbar area of your back needs certain care. Sometimes your body needs to stretch to improve your body movement performance and exhale all the exhaustion. Back Support is available in padded and mesh material.

Recline and Adjustment

You need to have a smooth back tilt recline adjustment in your chair. It is a must feature you should consider while buying your WFH chair. It allows you to unwind and lean from 90◦ to 175◦ angle. Your added characteristics should also include moving your seat up and down to follow up with your computer screen’s height level.


Worried about what kind of seating options you should choose from? You can choose from no memory foam cushion or padded cushion. If you have a special concern, you can ask the distributor or customize the seating of your chair with an ortho seat, specially made to support your irritated back.

Weight Capacity

The office chair can normally support at least 120 kg of a person. High-weight sustaining chairs are also available on the market and on demand.

Rolling Casters

For mobility, we suggest you choose a chair with casters wheels to move around freely without having to step down from your chair. This feature is a blessing if you are tired or inert.


Working long hours before your computer tires your eyes, but you cannot get any work done without seeing. So, the least you can do to get work done without wasting energy is choose an office chair that supports your back from painful strains.