5 Best Blankets in India 2023 [For Winters]

Are you ready to enjoy this winter season with a cup of hot coffee with wrapping yourself in a warm blanket? If yes, then join us to know about the blanket option in India for the best outcome.Over the years, blankets have been considered essential household items. It allows you to keep warm and cosy during winters. However, the right blanket with the appropriate colour complements the décor of a room.

From sleeping to watching TV on winter nights, nothing is satisfying than a fluffy blanket. In the Indian market, you can find a variety of blankets in different materials, colours and sizes. It is difficult to choose the suitable one from among the options. There are various considerations to keep in mind when buying a blanket for your home. Some of them include comfort, design, warmness, price, material, etc. To reduce your efforts, we have brought limited options that you can check.

Different Types of Blankets

Before going to check the blanket options, you need to be familiar with the types of blankets. Generally, blankets are differentiated accordingly to the material. Common materials such as Cotton, Wool, Vellux, Polyester, Fleece and Microfiber are used to make different types of blankets. Here we are going to discuss the types of blankets. Let’s take a look:


This type of blanket is slightly warmer, softer and thicker than other blanket types. Without duvet covers, the blanket will get damaged and dirty. To protect duvet blankets, it is necessary having protective outer shells. One of the key benefits of having this blanket is that it is available in all bed sheet sizes, suitable for both small and large beds. During its cleaning, you just need to remove the cover or blanket. Duvet is one of the finest and warmest types of blanket for winter nights.


Comforter is quite similar to Duvet but can be extra lightweight, warmer and softer than other types. Additionally, it doesn’t need safety covers. It is one of the most popular blankets in India. The material that is used to make Comforter is Polyfill, Cotton and Feathers. This blanket is known for its warmth and attractive colours & patterns.


Throw Blanket is one of the smallest types of the blanket using woven and lightweight materials. These blankets are lightweight and used for decoration. It is easy to use and is carried easily, typically seen on the sofa. It is perfect for outings and picnics.


Weighted blankets or gravity blankets are usually made from heavy materials like glass beads, plastic pellets, etc. The material of the blanket provides a soothing feel and comfort. To prevent turning and tossing problems, you can choose this type of blanket as it promotes the deep touch pressure principle. It prevents the risk of anxiety, depression, and offer a comfortable sleep.


The worldwide used cotton blankets are lightweight, are easy to carry and hypoallergenic. Every Indian home has cotton blankets as they are much comfortable. People having skin issues and allergies must try a cotton blanket. It would be the perfect option for a low-maintenance.


The quilt has three layers include the middle, front & back. Material like polyester, wool and cotton has been used in it. It is majorly used during summer, winter and spring. These blankets are available in various fabrics, designs, patterns, sizes and colours.


Various types of fibres are being used to make microfiber blankets. They keep the blanket softer, smoother and hygienic. The materials include nylon, rayon & polyester and others. If you’re looking for lasts longer blanket from top brands, this is going to be the perfect option. It is a very warming blanket and very easy to clean.

Best Buy Blankets Online In India

Here is the list of best selling blankets in India:

1. Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Double Bed Blanket 

Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Double Bed Blanket 

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In this list, the first option is a cloth fusion double bed blanket, making your winter nights warm and comfortable. The blanket is not too thick nor too thin for winter nights. Please be note, the bed blanket is best suited for two or three people use. It is very fluffy and soft, as it is made of high-quality mink fabric which offers the softness and better comfort.

The blanket comes in three different colours. The colour includes brown, Navy Blue and Maroon. Additionally, the company offers blankets in double and single sizes. The single blanket can be also used in AC rooms. If you’re looking for a blanket with an affordable price and outstanding quality, this is going to be an excellent option.

This blanket has been built to deliver brilliant quality and comfort. It offers a great sleeping experience, and complement room design. This lightweight blanket can be very easy to clean, as it requires gentle hand or machine wash. The size is enough large and wide, hence suitable for either single or two three people.

Pros Cons
The blanket is best suited for more than 1 person. Not found.
The blanket has an appropriate size.  
It is super soft and fluffy, keeping you warm.  
It is a cost-effective blanket.  

2. VAS COLLECTIONS® Woolen Blanket


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Another best option to consider, Woolen Blanket from VAS COLLECTIONS, a budget-friendly blanket that can be easily purchased by all customers. The woollen blanket has finished edges and looms woven, making it suitable for long-lasting use. The rugged design blanket is thoughtfully designed, ensuring durability, thickness and heavy-duty.

Even, the blanket doesn’t cause any rash or allergy on the skin hence it is an excellent option for sensitive skin. The thing you’ll about this blanket is its natural insulators that keep you warm even when wet. It effectively normalizes your body temperature. The blanket is offering to take cosy and long-lasting sleep during winters.

Another best feature, it is fire-resistant, hence completely safe and risk-free. The blanket has three different colours include Charcoal & Grey, Light Brown and Light Blue. At Rs. 449, you will get attractive and fluffy blankets. They are ideal for picnics, winter nights and camping. Overall, the product is good in terms of quality, comfort, size and flexibility.

Pros Cons
The material used in a blanket is fire-resistant. It cannot be used in heavy winters.
This wool blanket is ideal for sofa, bed and camping use.  
It is a budget-friendly product.  
The three colours are available in this brand.  

3. Goyal’s Plain Fleece Single Bed Blanket

Goyal's Plain Fleece Single Bed Blanket

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As the name implies, these blankets are ideal for every season. If you’re seeking a blanket set of various colours, this is going to be the finest option. These types of blankest are majorly found in hostels and PGs, hence suitable for one person. Blankets from Goyal’s are made from Pure Polar Fleece material which is considered one of the excellent fabrics.

The different colours are available in these blankets including Blue, Brown, Rust, Olive and Maroon. The shine and bright colours make your bedroom complete. People living in PGs, hostels, or travel can easily carry a single bed blanket from Goyal. It is very lightweight and good for long-lasting use. The thing you’ll like about the blankets is,they can be used in mild winters, even perfect for AC use.

The method of fabrication belongs to the traditional method, as in result cosy& warm blanket. Cleaning these blankets is very easy, as it takes less cleaning effort. Make sure the material is washable or not.  Otherwise, the blankets are suitable for regular winter use. Even, they are served as a gift to family and friends.

Pros Cons
The blankets are extremely soft and lightweight, hence best for travel & regular use. The blankets are only best for AC use.
Various colour options have been offered to customers.  
The blankets are a great value of money.  

4. Velvet Floral Embossed Double Bed Blanket

Velvet Floral Embossed Double Bed Blanket

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On the third spot, we have this jumbo size bed blanket from Fancy Wales. It has a vibrant chased style and soothing colour, enhancing your bedroom looks. This popular luxurious grey colour blanket is lightweight and very much comfortable than traditional Quilt/Rajai. The blanket is made of Polyester which is known for softness, warmth and feather-weight lightness.

The premium quality of the blanket allows extreme warmth even in extreme cold. The velvet blanket is light in weight and yet very thick. It can be carried easily during travel; hence it offers maximum comfort and warmness. More than 2 people can use this blanket. The better cushioning effect increases extra comfort.

The blanket is made in India with modern South Korean technology and machines. People requiring long-lasting blankets along with super comfort can consider Velvet Floral Embossed Double Bed Blanket. The material of the blanket can be machine washed and is very easy to store.

Pros Cons
The product is made in India with the finest touch of Korean technology. It is a little costly than others.
The beautiful grey colour is evergreen yet very elegant.  
The blanket can be machine washed.  
It is easy to carry a blanket even in travel.  

5. BSB HOME Flannel Twin Winter Blanket

BSB HOME Flannel Twin Winter Blanket

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For your chilly nights and winter months, we have another best blanket option and that is the BSB Home Flannel twin blanket. The pink and white colour combination is perfect for baby girls& boys. It has a smooth and soft surface that is friendly to the baby’s skin or health.

There are no snaps and no zippers to harm the baby’s skin. The fabric is very clean to clean, dry and care. The blanket is one of the safest options for your toddlers.

Pros Cons
This blanket is suitable for winter, summer and autumn. The cost of the product is a little high.
It is an ideal option for toddlers (Both Girls and Boys).  
It doesn’t require much maintenance & care.  

How to choose the best blanket?

Blankets come in a variety of fabrics with different price points and features. Here are some common aspects that you should consider while buying a blanket.

1. Types of Material

The first and important key aspect to keep in mind is material type. Some popular materials are as follow:

  • Wool 

It is one of the softest fabrics that keep you warm in the winter season. The moist wicking property is being used in it to keep dry and long-lasting. Some wool has a rough external and can be because of various skin allergies.

  • Cotton 

Cotton is popularly used in every home as it is hypoallergenic. In each wash, the material becomes softer and breathable.

  • Microfiber 

Material like nylon blend & polyester is used to prepare microfiber. This material is extra soft, wrinkle-resistant and sturdy. People having sensitive skin must try this material, as it won’t irritate.

  • Fleece 

This material is made of cotton fabric and polyester fabric. The material is slightly lighter and offers comfort.

  • Polyester 

Natural materials like air, water and coal has been used to prepare the polyester. If looking for an affordable blanket, this is going to be one of the primary options. It is very easy to wash and can’t lose its shape & size.

  • Vellux 

This type of material is used to make hotel blankets. It is made of plush nylon & thin foam. These blankets are easy to manage and are warm & hypoallergenic.

2. Blanket Size

Another thing to keep in mind is blanket size, as it offers to ease you to wrap completely. Blankets are available in different sizes can be fit onto the bed. Ensure blanket should be nor small nor big. Before going to buy a blanket, check whether your bed is a queen, king, California, twin XL, twin, king-sized.

3. Warmness & Comfort

Not all blankets provide the same amount of comfort & warmness as you expect. For instance, cotton blankets are ideal for summers, whether a fleece blanket is suitable for winters. So, pick seasonally suitable blankets.

4. Washable

Check the user manual reader to check the blanket you choose is machine washable or not.

5. Fabric

Make sure the fabric is offered by the manufacture is rash-free and won’t create allergies.

6. Price

The blanket prize should not be either high or low. Sometimes cheap product offers great outcomes. So, it solely depends on you to choose which type of blanket.

How To keep clean and Care your blanket?

You can consider hand washing or machine washing to clean a warm blanket.

Blanket washing through hands

  • Fill a bucket with liquid detergent & cold water.
  • Dip the blanket immersed and rub the fabric single section at a time.
  • Once the fabric is cleaned, pull it out from the bucket without wringing.
  • Use clean water to eliminate the soap.
  • Place the fabric between dry towels and allow it to dry. To preserve the shape, hang it.

Blanket washing through machine

How to wash Fleece Blanket?

Set the washing machine at normal mode and add some amount of laundry detergent to wash along with cold water. Add liquid softener during the rinse cycle. For air-dry, leave the blanket on a clothesline.

Wool Blanket Washing

Before starting to wash, check the user manual reader to make sure the blanket is machine washable or not. If it is, then take mild detergent, plus add some cold water. Then, set the machine on a gentle cycle. Just spin cycle for one minute, place the blanket in a cool place to dry.

 Duvets, Comforters and Quilts Washing

Comforters are often washed in the commercial machine, whereas dry cleaner should be washed in the dry cleaner. Here are some steps to follow for cleaning Comforters, Quits and Duvets blankets.

  • Use gentle cycling, warm or cool water and mild detergent to wash the Comforter.
  • Set dryer at low heat to dry the blanket.
  • Talking about Duvets, it contains detachable covers that keep the blanket safe and dust-free. The covers are safe for both hand and machine wash. While, comforters require a lot of effort since they are large, thus difficult to put in a washing machine.

Sherpa Blankets Washing

Use a front-load washing machine to clean this type of blanket. Or, use the machine without the centre agitator which doesn’t require detergent soap. Detergent soaps will rough and damage Sherpa Blankets. Don’t dry it because the dryer can melt or damage the fabric.

Tips to Care Blankets

The below-mentioned tips help knowing how to maintain or keep care of blankets.

Avoid Regular Washing

A blanket often needs a minimal protector, such as blanket covers. The protective shield or cover protects blankets from getting damaged and dirty. Blanket without covers often requires cleaning. Wash the blankets after a week, only then it last for a long time. Regular washing will make the blanket old and rough.

Use fabric softener rarely

Irregular use of fabric softeners can maintain a blanket softer and bright. One of the significant disadvantages of fabric softener is that it causes spotting throughout the blanket.

Read the User instruction manual

Before starting to clean, read all cleaning instructions to make sure the blanket is washable or not.

Final Notes

The blanket keeps your winter days & nights warm and comfortable. Choosing the right blanket can be difficult if not know about the material. This is the reason why check the product description before making any final decision. In the blog, we mentioned the selective blankets options that you can consider. They are the best in terms of quality and durability.

Blankets Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a thick blanket serve?

Deep pressure stimulation, used by weighted blankets, is hypothesized to enhance levels of the hormone melatonin, which promotes sleep, decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and stimulates the creation of serotonin, which improves mood. This might enhance the general effectiveness of sleep.

2. What is the lifespan of a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket must typically be updated every five years. However, if you take good care of your weighted blanket, you could be able to use it even longer. By spending money on a cover that can be quickly removed as well as washed, you might be able to extend the lifespan of the weighted blanket.

3. How should a blanket with weights feel?

Many people say that using a weighted blanket feels like being gently hugged. Weighted blankets put a gentle, even amount of pressure all over the body.

4. Why are blankets necessary for sleeping?

It Preserves Our Heat. When we go to sleep, our core body temperatures tend to drop, and once we enter REM sleep, our bodies become unable to control their internal temperature. Even in warmer regions, individuals still cover themselves with a blanket before bed, especially when it’s just a thin sheet.

5. What are blankets made of?

An insulator is a blanket. It is made to stop heat from leaving your body and entering the outer environment. Because we are endothermic (heat-generating) organisms, the temperature within the blanket would rise if we could prevent the energy we produce from becoming lost to the air around us.

6. What weight of a weighted blanket is ideal?

Most blankets are marketed from five to 25 pounds within increments of 5 pounds. It is based on an individual choice whether they like the heavier or lighter version. As a general rule, pick a blanket that is approximately 10% of your perfect body weight.

7. Which weight is ideal for young children?

Due to the risk of asphyxia, young children below three or weighing below 50 pounds shouldn’t use a weighted blanket. At least two child deaths have involved the blankets.

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