The Best Brooms In India 2023 [For House Cleaning]

A broom or broomstick is an essential cleaning tool for every domicile, consisting of stiff fibers including corn husks, plastic, or hair. These hairs have attached to the cylindrical or parallel handle. A broom with a long handle is useful for safe and perfect cleaning.

Brooms have been used for years to sweep and clean every nook and cranny of the home and workplace.They are divided into two types: man-made brooms and natural brooms. Man-made metal has been equipped with plastic handles.

On the other hand, naturally based brooms can be made of a variety of materials, including brush and hard grass such as stool fiber or broomcorn.Broomcom broom is considered to be a better and stronger broom which is been used for over 200 years.

Best Buy Brooms Online In India

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Broomcorn based brooms are moisture-resistant, simply absorb dust and dirt while plastic brooms move dirt around. The top-pick broomcom are slightly expensive than others. Today, different types of brooms have been invented according to the need of every person’s, some of them include the rubber broom, the water broom, the angle broom, the push broom, the corn broom, the standard broom, many others. You can pick any of one or two of these options as per your cleaning requirement.

How To Choose The Best Brooms For Your Home Use

When it comes to purchasing the best broom to sweep the floors, here are the most important considerations to bear in mind.


When shopping for a wood floor broom, it’s likely that cost will be a consideration. This is an issue that everyone should take into consideration before even considering their options. Determine an agreed-upon budget that you are willing to spend in order to make the selection of a winner much simpler.

Choose a product that falls somewhere within the middle of the pricing range if possible. You’ll be able to strike a balance between quality and price this way.


When using a broom to clean, a dustpan is an important component of the cleaning procedure. Any broom and pan set, particularly one that is reasonably priced and of high quality, is unquestionably advantageous to you.

As a result, you will save money by not having to buy a dustpan separate from the vacuum. Due to the inclusion of a locking mechanism that secures the broomstick to the pan, most combinations are also very convenient to store.

Another feature to consider is that using a dustpan would make the whole cleaning procedure much more straightforward, and you’ll be able to collect all of the waste much more quickly and efficiently.


Contrary to popular belief, brooms with stiff bristles can cause harm to or scratching to hardwood floors. Rubber bristles or horsehair brooms are the most effective cleaning tools because they clean effectively without making scratches or marks on the surface.

When using rubber bristles or horsehair brooms, keep in mind that there might be difficulties picking dirt up that has become adhered to the floor over time. To obtain the best outcomes, wipe up spillage to loosen compact dirt before sweeping to ensure a smooth finish.


The bristles of a broom are what determine whether or not it is good for cleaning hardwood floors or carpet. Due to the possibility of abrasive effects on this sort of flooring, it is usually best to choose bristles that are soft and delicate in nature.


A broom that you choose should not be too heavy, as this will lead you to become fatigued quickly while sweeping. The majority of the most recent designs are lightweight, which makes it easy for you to carry them around the home as necessary. If you notice that people are grumbling about a particularly heavy broom, you must avoid it at all costs.


When it comes to brooms, there is no limit on as how long they can be used. Maintaining your broom properly, cleaning it often, and keeping it stored with the bristles side up can allow it to survive for many years. However, if you don’t clean the broom and don’t stand onto its bristles, one will have to change it sooner than you would otherwise. When deciding whether or not to replace your broom, consider the length and density of the bristles. Replace any broom that has lost half of its bristle length & has bald areas, as these will struggle to trap dust when you are sweeping.